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Last Updated: Feb 17, 2021

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February has been a busy month for the Kummer family because we bought a new house and spent every weekend unboxing, installing gadgets (such as HomeKit light switches), etc.

We’re almost done with everything and I’ll soon record a quick video tour of my new networking infrastructure that I’m super proud of, so stay tuned.

But despite everything that’s been going to, I found some time in the early mornings to write on the blog and put together this month’s newsletter. So here we go…

In This Month’s Issue:

New Blog Posts

Ubiquiti AmpliFi Alien Review

The Alien is a powerful Wi-Fi 6 (the latest Wi-Fi standard) router that I got a chance to test in our new house. In fact, before I had a chance to install my usual networking infrastructure, I relied on the Alien for a few days to provide Wi-Fi in our home.

Best Nuts and Seeds For Keto

This is a spin-off of the previous “nut butter” article I had. I decided to do that because I wanted the nut butter article to talk about nut butters only, without going into depth of the main ingredients (nuts).

So this one tells you everything you need to know about nuts and seeds without mentioning any specific brands or products.

Are Pork Rinds (Chicharrones) Keto?

Yes, they most definitely are but there a few things you should know before buying them. In this article, I tell you everything you need to know about this tasty snack.

Health & Diet News

Should You Exercise When You’re Sick?

As a general rule of thumb, as long as you don’t have a fever, mild exercise can actually boost your immune system. But if you run a fever, do you and everyone else around you a favor and stay in bed.

People Eating Big Breakfast May Burn Twice As Many Calories: Study Says

That’s another misleading bullshit study that I’m sure many people will use to harden their believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

I’ve not eaten breakfast in over two years because I intermittently fast every day and I don’t burn any fewer calories because of that.

Of course, if you eat have a bagel for breakfast that jacks up your blood sugar without providing enough calories to fulfill your body’s energy needs, you’ll be hungry soon after again.

But the issue here is not the “small breakfast, ” it’s the f**** bagel, a small but significant detail you don’t read in the news.

The Original Paleo Diet Included Seafood With 22 Times The Safe Limit Of Toxic Metals, Study Finds

The paleo diet mimics the eating habits of our ancestors that lived between 2.6 million to about 10,000 years ago. The bones examined in the above-linked study were 3,800 to 6,200 years old, so technically much too young for the “original” paleo diet.

Of course, I don’t know that fish from previous periods wasn’t contaminated, but the above headline is — as so often the case — a bit misleading.

Fitness News

Watch This Bodybuilder Get Absolutely Destroyed by a CrossFit Workout

I’ve learned a long time ago that no matter how fit you think you are if you do something you’re not used to, you’ll suffer.

I’m pretty fit but if you throw me into a pool to swim a few laps, I’m toast. That’s because I’m not used to swimming.

WHOOP Named Highly Accurate In Sleep Tracking

I’m a huge fan of WHOOP and have written about it here and here. Now there is a new study that backs up the fitness tracker’s accuracy, specifically in the context of sleep tracking.

Technology News

Vulnerabilities Discovered In Several Smart Home Gadgets

Researchers discovered vulnerabilities in both the Ring Video Doorbell and Philips Hue. That’s why I’m so picky with smart home gadgets and I usually use HomeKit only.


Because despite that Apple isn’t perfect, they are one of the few tech companies that take security and privacy seriously.

Speaking of Ring, the company’s app is also packed with tracking software that blatantly invades your privacy as the EFF has found.

How Modern iPhone Encryption Works

While Apple encrypts a lot of data end-to-end, meaning the company doesn’t have a key to your data, there are certain apps and services that aren’t end-to-end encrypted.

If you want to understand how encryption within the Apple ecosystem works, check out this article.

Google Admits Some Private Videos in Google Photos Were Sent to Strangers

Can you believe it? If you store your photos or videos in Google Photos, chances are, that you are not the only one who has seen them.

Sometimes I hate that Apple doesn’t make features available for the sake of keeping data more secure. For example, Siri is still less capable of Google Voice or Alexa because of that strategy. However, cases like the Google Photos fiasco seem to support Apple’s strategy.

My Must-Have Apps, 2019 Edition

Those are actually not mine but Federico Viticci’s must-have iOS apps. It’s an awesome list that I recommend you check out if you use iOS.

What I’m Working On Right Now

Here is a list of topics that I’m currently working on or that are on my roadmap. Check it out and let me know if there is anything in particular that you’d like me to work on.

Blog Articles

  • AmpliFi Alien Mesh Kit Review
  • Can You Eat Pizza On Keto?
  • Perfect Keto Bars Review


  • My Network Infrastructure At Home
  • WHOOP Fitness Tracker Review

Wrap Up

That’s it for February, folks! I hope you enjoyed the newsletter. If you did, let me know by leaving a comment below. If you didn’t (or would like to see other topics covered), let me know that as well!

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