How We Make Money

To generate income, we make money in several ways, including from some of the links that appear in our articles. These links do not impact our commitment to producing accurate and honest educational content that helps our readers achieve optimal health.

1. Affiliate Links

Some of the links on the website are “sponsored,” which means we may earn a commission when you click on those links and make a purchase (or take another action, like creating an account).

You can identify sponsored links by looking for /go/ in the URL, as shown below:


Using these links does not increase your cost for the product or service.

2. Discount Codes

Some of the articles on this website contain discount, promo or affiliate codes. If you use these codes when making a purchase, I may earn a commission.

3. Programmatic Display Ads

Most of the ads shown on MichaelKummer.com are served by our advertising partner Mediavine. We don’t control the content of the individual ads, but if you see anything offensive you can click on the “report this ad” link on the bottom of the ad.

4. Sponsored Links or Posts

Sometimes, we allow brands or vendors to publish promotional content on the site. These posts are always marked as “partner content” so you can clearly identify them as such.

These posts represent less than 1% of the content on the website.