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Previous Issues

Michael at Biohacking conference 2022

2022 Biohacking Conference Recap

I can’t believe another month has gone by since the last newsletter. It’s been an eventful September, so I wanted to take the opportunity to recap and reflect on the great things that have happened over the past few weeks, including our trip to LA to attend this year’s Biohacking…

Michael enjoying the sun in the backyard

Why I Stopped Wearing Sunscreen

In this edition of the newsletter, I’ll explain why you should increase your exposure to sunlight, how diet impacts your skin’s natural defense mechanisms against radiation, and what I’ve done to prevent sunburns despite no longer using sunscreen.

Sickness-Wellness-Fitness continuum

Why Rest Days Are Important

In this edition of the newsletter, I’d like to talk about rest days, which are an often overlooked aspect of fitness and improving physical performance. The latter is a critical aspect of your health journey, so don’t dismiss this month’s email too quickly — even if you’re not an athlete!…

The shocking truth behind pastured chicken and pork

The shocking truth behind pastured chicken and pork

I’ve known for a while that meat from poultry and monogastric animals (e.g., pork) has a less-than-ideal fatty acid composition, especially if that meat comes from animals that weren’t raised in their natural environment. What I didn’t know until recently was that even pasture-raised chicken and pork has incredibly high…