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I was born and raised in Austria. I speak German, English, and Spanish. Since moving to the U.S., I have lived and worked in the greater Atlanta area. In my twenties, I was a professional 100m sprinter. These days I do mostly CrossFit.

I’m a technologist and Apple fan. I love science and don’t believe anything unless there is proof. I follow a Ketogenic Paleo diet and intermittently fast every day. I’m married and have two trilingual kids.

My goal with this blog is to share what I learn so that you can spend time on something else.

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Amplifi Wi-Fi System Review

In this review, I compare the various AmpliFi wireless mesh-networking systems to help you pick the right one for your requirements and budget. I initially stumbled across AmpliFi when Apple discontinued its AirPort base stations and I had to look for an alternative to the aging Wi-Fi network in my house. I wanted to learn if a…

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How to Recover From a Workout Faster

A tough workout adds stress to your body and causes muscle tissue to break down. In other words, working out hard makes you weaker — at least, temporarily. It’s what’s you do before and after a workout that determines if your body can repair the inflicted damage and come out stronger on the other side. That’s called supercompensation and it’s a key factor in muscle recovery.

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