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Latest Tech Articles

AmpliFi Alien Mesh Kit Review

AmpliFi Alien Mesh Kit Review

After reviewing the standalone AmpliFi Alien router, it was time to test the new AmpliFi Alien Mesh Kit, consisting of the router and a dedicated…
AmpliFi Alien Router Review

Ubiquiti AmpliFi Alien Review

I’ve tested the AmpliFi Alien in the 2,700 sqft two-story home we just moved into and I was impressed by the performance of this slick…
Ubiquiti UniFi Review

Ubiquiti Unifi Review

An in-depth review of how I use Ubiquiti UniFi networking equipment, including the UniFi Dream Machine, in my home to provide perfect Wi-Fi and LAN…

Amplifi Wi-Fi System Review

An in-depth review of the complete AmpliFi mesh networking lineup and comparison to Eero, Google, Nest, Linksys, Orbi and others.

Latest Health Articles

Keto Cookies Review - Perfect Keto (featured)

Keto Cookies Review [Perfect Keto]

Perfect Keto just launched a clean but delicious new keto snack called Keto Cookies. I had a chance to try both flavors before the product…
SuperGreen TONIK Review

SuperGreen TONIK Review

SuperGreen TONIK is a premium green powder that claims to improve energy, cognitive performance and help you sleep better. My goal with this review was…
WHOOP Journal - Feature

WHOOP Journal

The all-new WHOOP Journal enables me to understand how my behaviors (i.e., alcohol consumption) impact my physical performance, recovery and sleep. In this article, I’ll…
Perfect Keto bars review

Perfect Keto Bar Review

Perfect Keto bars are low in net carbs and packed with clean ingredients. That’s why I love having one or two as dessert. Unlike other…
Is Pizza Healthy or Unhealthy?

Is Pizza Healthy or Unhealthy?

To find out whether pizza is healthy or unhealthy, we have to understand the ingredients that make up this delicious food. In this article, I’ll…
Best nuts and seeds for keto

Best Nuts and Seeds For Keto

Nuts and seeds are popular food choices on the ketogenic (keto) diet. But it’s not only the carbohydrates in nuts and seeds you should be…