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I was born and raised in Austria. I speak German, English, and Spanish. Since moving to the U.S., I have lived and worked in Alpharetta, GA. In my twenties, I was a professional 100m sprinter. These days I do mostly CrossFit. I'm a technologist and Apple fan. I love science and don't believe anything unless there is proof. I follow the Paleo diet and intermittently fast every day. I'm married and have two trilingual kids. My goal with this blog is to share what I learn so that you can spend time on something else.

Latest in Technology

AirPlay Mirroring Slow? None of the “Fixes” Work?
If you are having troubles streaming video content via AirPlay or Screen Mirroring from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to[...]
iMac Pro Review and Comparison to the 5K iMac – Upgrade Guide
If you are a prosumer and in the market for a new desktop Mac, you might wonder if the new[...]
Arlo Ultra 4K Review and Comparison to Nest Cam IQ
On November 30th, 2018, Arlo Technologies announced a new flagship home security camera that directly competes with Google's Nest Cam[...]

Popular Tech Posts

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Latest in Health

Ample V 3.0 Review – New Texture and Better Taste
Together with its Original and Ketogenic formula, Ample Foods has released an update to its plant-based, vegan meal replacement drink[...]
CavemanChefs Review – Gourmet Paleo Meal Plan Delivery Service
CavemanChefs is a Paleo-friendly meal delivery service with a headquarter in Denver, Colorado, that focuses on quality ingredients, such as grass-fed[...]
Top 8 Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes
For this review, I have compared the top 8 vegan meal replacement shakes on the market, including Ambronite, Ample, Huel,[...]

Popular Fitness POsts

Barehand Gloves vs. Bear KompleX CrossFit gloves
I do CrossFit and continuously build up hand calluses when lifting weights. During high-rep bodyweight exercises, such as pull-ups or[...]
Essential Pre-Workout Ingredients – What you need to know
Do pre-workout supplements work and what benefits do they add to your exercise routine? To answer these questions, we need[...]
Best Protein Powder Review: Whey, Vegan & More
To find the best protein powder, I have reviewed a variety of natural supplements including Whey protein as well as vegan[...]

Popular DIET POsts

Is Dairy Bad For You? What You Need To Know!
Milk and dairy products have become one of the most widely consumed foods worldwide. Breastmilk is often the first food[...]
Intermittent Fasting – Benefits And How To Make It A Lifestyle
Intermittent fasting is easy to implement, yet it's an incredibly powerful method to improve your overall well-being and to lose weight.[...]
Meal Replacement Drinks Review and Comparison
Meal replacement drinks offer an excellent alternative to solid food when you don't have time to prepare a wholesome meal[...]


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