iOS 10 Mail threads

How iOS 10 organizes emails as threads

Michael Kummer Oct 20 2016
Miracle Babies

What is Miracle Babies and why you should care

Michael Kummer Oct 19 2016
Tapback in iOS 10

Feature Request: iMessage Tapback for Shared Photo Stream

Michael Kummer Oct 18 2016
iPhone 7 Plus camera

The iPhone 7 Plus camera is amazing

Michael Kummer Oct 16 2016
iPhone 7

The first few days with the new iPhone 7 Plus

Michael Kummer Oct 13 2016
iOS 10 Mail threads

How iOS 10 organizes emails as threads

The Mail app in iOS 10 organizes emails “as threads” to make them easier to read. But sometimes this particular way of organizing email conversations…

Michael Kummer
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Cool Mac Apps: MailButler

I am constantly on the lookout for new apps that help me be more productive by saving time and automating repetitive tasks. In this post…

Michael Kummer
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