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Bose Sleepbuds Review – Noise-masking Technology at its best

Sleeping with the Bose Sleepbuds

The Bose sleepbuds are incredibly comfortable earbuds that mask ambient noise in an attempt to help you sleep better. That’s at least what Bose designed them for. For this review, I have slept wearing the sleepbuds, but I also set out to discover additional use cases for them. I was particularly interested in finding out … Read more

How to overcome jet lag quicker with AYO

Proven tips on how to overcome jet lag quicker with AYO

Table of ContentsReviewed Brands & ProductsWhy do you feel jet lag?Eastbound flightsWestbound flightsAYO – Your secret weapon against jet lagMy experience with AYOProven tips on how to overcome jet lag quicker When you travel long distances on an airplane, it is common to struggle with adjusting your body’s circadian rhythm to the new time zone. … Read more