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9 Things Fit People Do to Stay in Shape: Replicate Them Today!

We all know that one person who seems so seamless and effortless staying in their to-die-for shape. You’ve probably ordered food together in a restaurant, and he was craving for vegetables, while you can’t stop thinking about burgers and fries. Guest blog by Anna Anna is a writer with interest in beauty, makeup, fashion, hair […]

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The 5 top tech solutions for sleeping disorders in 2018

We live in a constant rush. We’re always on the move, which can lead to a lack of awareness about our surroundings and even ourselves. On top of that, our brains are now trained to overthink, and our bodies expected to overdo. These bad habits take an enormous toll on many of us when it […]

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The Pillars of a Healthy Lifestyle

What does it take to live a healthy life? While there are many factors that influence your life, in this article, I explore the three main ingredients of a healthy lifestyle: Diet, Exercise, and Sleep.  to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, why you should be working out every day and the […]

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Proven tips on how to overcome jet lag quicker with AYO

When you travel long distances on an airplane, it is common to struggle with adjusting your body’s circadian rhythm to the new time zone. Most travelers commonly refer to that phenomenon as jet lag. In this article, I will introduce you to AYO, an exciting new gadget that promises to help you overcome jet lag […]

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How to sleep better and avoid sleep debt

For many people, sleep is a necessary evil. Something that takes time away from other things they could be doing. In this article, I will share with you how you can use sleep to your advantage, how to sleep better and avoid sleep debt by taking care of your sleep hygiene. The importance of sleep Sleep […]

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How to track sleep with the Apple Watch and Jawbone UP

Out of the box, you cannot easily track sleep with the Apple Watch. To enable sleep tracking, you need third-party apps or even another fitness band, such as the Jawbone UP. I have tested both Sleep++ and the Jawbone UP2 and would like to share my experience with you. to find out if […]

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