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Yohann MacBook Pro Stand Review

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Yohann makes a versatile and beautifully crafted MacBook Pro stand that has become one of my favorite accessories.

Before cloud storage became a thing, having a desktop in the office and a laptop for traveling meant you had to keep your data in sync manually. As MacBook Pros became more powerful, many users abandoned their desktops and only used portable computers. A few years ago, I used to have only a 15-inch MacBook Pro that I would plug into a 27-inch Apple Thunderbolt display at home.

These days, all of my data lives in the Cloud, mostly in iCloud and Dropbox and I’m back to a dual setup including an iMac Pro and a 13-inch MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro with external monitor in Yohann stand
MacBook Pro with an external monitor in Yohann stand

But there are types of data that you cannot easily store in the cloud, such as Final Cut Pro projects that may contain tens of GBs of data. I have heard from a German YouTuber a few months ago who tested the new iMac Pro but missed the ability to edit his videos on the go. He ultimately decided to stick with a 15-inch MacBook Pro as his primary device because of that issue.

If you are one of those users or if you spend a lot of time in front of a MacBook (Pro) for other reasons, you need a high-quality stand!

Yohann MacBook Pro Stand Walnut


Yohann MacBook Pro Stand Oak


Why use a MacBook Pro stand?

Classic laptop hunch
Classic laptop hunch

In a nutshell, you tend to have a bad posture when you work on a portable computer without elevating it to eye level.

Just sit at your desk and place your MacBook Pro in front of you. As you will notice, you are looking down on it, and you naturally tend to hunch by rounding your back. That’s not a healthy posture you want to be in for extended periods.

Use A Separate Keyboard And Mouse So The Laptop Can Be Put On A Stand And The Screen Opened At Eye Level [British National Health Service]

That’s why health care professionals recommend using a stand to elevate the screen to eye level, so you don’t have to hunch.

Yohann MacBook Pro Stand

  • Improves cooling
  • Offers three different ways to hold your MacBook
  • Supports sleep mode
  • Looks like an expensive home decor

From $159.00

The Yohann MacBook Pro Stand is unlike any other stand I have seen so far.

Instead of the brushed aluminum, you see everywhere, Yohann hand-made its MacBook stand out of a single piece of wood in Germany. It’s just beautiful, and you could easily mistake it for a piece of art.

Yohann makes its stand by hand in Germany
Yohann makes its stand by hand in Germany

One thing all Yohann stands (iPad, MacBook) have in common is incredible versatility. For the Yohann MacBook Pro stand that means that it can hold your MacBook at various angles, depending on if you want to use it with an open or closed lid.

Since I use an iMac in my home office, I use the Yohann stand to hold my MacBook Pro when I don’t use it. That keeps my office look neat and organized.

If a MacBook is your primary screen and your use an external keyboard and mouse or trackpad, note that you can close the lid of your MacBook while it’s in the Yohann stand. The display might not close completely, but the computer will still go to sleep!