My archive of parenting articles I published when our kids were younger covering such topics as newborn care, swaddling, breastfeeding and more.

Low PAPP-A During Pregnancy – Do You Need To Be Concerned?

Low PAPP-A during pregnancy - what it means and do you need to be concerned?

When my wife Kathy was pregnant with our second baby, her OBGYN detected that she had low PAPP-A levels. In this article, I’ll explain what PAPP-A is and why low levels often result in additional tests and monitoring. None of that should freak you out! Scientific studies have yet to establish a clear connection between … Read more

Newborn Screening Test Positive? It May Be A False-Positive!

Table of ContentsCommon ProceduresCommon IssuesNewborn Screening TestCongenital Adrenal HyperplasiaSalt-wasting CAH (classic form)Simple Virilizing CAH  (classic form)Late-onset CAH (non-classic form)The negative result To best prepare ourselves for the arrival of our daughter, my wife and I took a few baby and parenting classes, we read books on the subject and researched the internet. The amount of information … Read more