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Last Updated: Nov 23, 2022

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One of the best ways to improve your diet and to eat healthier is to prepare your own meals. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the luxury, time or desire to cook two or three meals from scratch on a daily basis.

That’s where meal delivery services and meal kits can help fill the gap. While this review focuses on fresh and frozen meal delivery services that ship ready-to-eat meals, I encourage you to check out my review of the top meal kit services, which includes meal prep delivery services like Blue Apron, Green Chef and Purple Carrot.

For this ultimate guide, I sampled and compared dozens of prepared meal services. Considering that we all have slightly different dietary restrictions, budgets and preferences, I split them into the following categories:

If one specific category sparks your interest, just click on the link above and jump right to it! To learn more about an individual meal service, scroll down past the ratings.

Also, if you’re looking for new ketogenic meal options, check out my 50-day keto meal journal. It features pictures and descriptions of every healthy, great-tasting keto dish I ate over a nearly two-month period.

Food Quality

When rating and purchasing food, the type and quality of ingredients are among the most important factors for me.


Because the food we eat directly influences our health and well-being. Many of the foods we commonly eat today are highly inflammatory, and inflammation is the root cause of most chronic diseases.

In other words, the food you eat increases or decreases your chances of developing a metabolic disease such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular (heart) disease, Alzheimer’s and others.

I’m on a ketogenic paleo diet and try to eat clean as much I possibly can by using evolution as my dietary framework. While there are dozens of meal delivery companies and meal kit services out there, I have specifically picked the ones that offer the highest-quality and most nutritious ingredients — regardless of whether the recipes are keto, paleo or vegan.

Note that the ratings below are reflective of each category. For example, if a company offers both paleo and vegan meals, it might have three stars in the paleo category and four stars in the vegan category.

Top Fresh Meal Delivery Services

Factor 75 - Fresh meal menu
Factor 75 – fresh meal menu.

When you order from any of these meal delivery companies, your meals arrive fresh rather than frozen. Some people prefer fresh meals because there’s no need to thaw them first, and they may taste better as freezing can affect flavours and textures.

The disadvantage of fresh meals is that they expire after a few days, so you need to eat or freeze them right away.

All of the services I have tested ship their fresh meals in insulated boxes with dry ice, and I’ve never had a problem with meals arriving spoiled.

Meal ServiceRating
Pete’s Paleo★★★★★
Trifecta Nutrition★★★★★
Factor 75★★★★☆
Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine★★★★☆
Fresh n’ Lean★★★★☆
The Good Kitchen★★★★☆
One Paleo Delivers★★★☆☆
Paleo Power Meals★★★☆☆
Sakara Life★★★☆☆

Best Frozen Meal Delivery Services

True Fare - Whole30 frozen meal menu
True Fare – Whole30 frozen meal menu.

Frozen pre-made meals have the advantage that you can keep them in the freezer for several months and only take out what you intend to eat. By doing so, you often reduce food waste. However, this requires some planning ahead because you have to thaw each meal before consumption.

Meal ServiceRating
True Fare★★★★★
Ice Age Meals★★★★☆
Paleo On The Go★★★★☆

Top Paleo Meal Delivery Services

Paleo Meals To Go (Wild Zora) - Freeze-dried meals
Paleo Meals To Go (Wild Zora) – freeze-dried meals.

When I first started writing about healthy meal delivery services, compatibility with the paleo diet was my primary focus. As a result, most of the services in this review fall into the paleo diet meal category.

The ratings below reflect if all or only some of the meals are paleo-friendly.

As a result, meal services that offer exclusively or almost-exclusively paleo meals earn a higher score than others.

Meal ServiceRating
Pete’s Paleo★★★★★
Ice Age Meals★★★★★
One Paleo Delivers★★★★★
Paleo Meals To Go (Wild Zora)★★★★★
Paleo Power Meals★★★★★
Factor 75★★★★☆
Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine★★★★☆
Fresh n’ Lean★★★★☆
Paleo On The Go★★★★☆
The Good Kitchen★★★★☆
Trifecta Nutrition★★★★☆
True Fare★★★★☆

Best Keto Meal Delivery Services

Trifecta Nutrition - Keto meals
Trifecta Nutrition – keto meals.

The goal of a ketogenic diet is to use fat, instead of glucose from carbs or protein, as your primary source of energy. To achieve that, you must eat food that’s very low in carbohydrates, moderate in protein, and high in fat.

Some of the meal delivery programs in this roundup offer certain meals that cater specifically to people on a ketogenic diet. However, none of the companies offer exclusively keto meals. As a result, the rating below reflects the selection of ketogenic diet options.

Meal ServiceRating
Trifecta Nutrition★★★★★
Factor 75★★★★☆
Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine★★★★☆
Paleo On The Go★★★★☆
Ice Age Meals★★★☆☆
The Good Kitchen★★★☆☆
True Fare★★★☆☆

Best for Autoimmune Protocol (AIP)

Paleo On The Go - AIP meals
Paleo On The Go – AIP meals.

The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) is an elimination diet that’s stricter than paleo by eliminating certain ingredients that can irritate the gut, that can cause inflammation, or that are potentially problematic for people with autoimmune conditions.

While AIP is not as popular as paleo or keto, a few of the meal delivery programs I tried offer AIP diet options.

Meal ServicesRating
Paleo On The Go★★★★★
True Fare★★★★★
Pete’s Paleo★★★★☆

Best Vegan Meal Delivery

Sakara Life - Plant-based meals
Sakara Life – plant-based diet meals.

While many of the companies I reviewed offer vegetarian options, only two offer vegan choices. Learning how limited the options are for people who follow a purely plant-based diet was surprising, considering the popularity of both vegetarianism and veganism.

If you’re looking for a vegan meal service, you might be better off using a meal prep service that offers kits, as they sometimes offer greater flexibility and choices.

Delivery ServiceRating
Sakara Life★★★★★

Organic Meal Delivery Services

Eatology - Organic meals
Eatology – organic meals.

Most of the healthy meal delivery services in this review use organic ingredients. However, only about half of the companies I tested do so exclusively. The other half guarantee that at least some of the fresh ingredients are organic — for example, the “dirty dozen.”

The level of organic ingredient use is reflected in the rating.

Meal ServiceRating
Fresh n’ Lean★★★★★
One Paleo Delivers★★★★★
Paleo Power Meals★★★★★
Pete’s Paleo★★★★★
Sakara Life★★★★★
Trifecta Nutrition★★★★★
True Fare★★★★★
Factor 75★★★☆☆
Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine★★★☆☆
Ice Age Meals★★★☆☆
Paleo Meals To Go★★★☆☆
Paleo On The Go★★★☆☆
The Good Kitchen★★★☆☆

Best Meal Delivery in Atlanta

Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine - Atlanta meal delivery service
Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine – Atlanta meal delivery service.

I always encourage my readers to source food (and any other products) locally, if possible. Not only does that strengthen the local economy, but it might also be better for the environment. That’s why I’m excited that two of the meal delivery services in this review are from Atlanta, GA, where I live.

Meal ServiceRating
Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine★★★★★
True Fare★★★★★

Cheap Meal Delivery Services

Beetnik - High-quality yet inexpensive meals
Beetnik – high-quality yet inexpensive meals.

When you use meal delivery services, you pay not only for the food but also for the preparation, cooking, shipping and packaging. Depending on the quality of ingredients and the brand, that can quickly add up and be cost-prohibitive.

The good news is that there are a couple of cheap meal delivery services (or at the very least, a couple of relatively inexpensive options) available that won’t break the bank while still delivering nutritious meals.

Delivery ServiceRating
Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine★★★★★
Fresh n’ Lean★★★★☆
Paleo Meals To Go★★★★☆
Paleo On The Go★★★★☆
Paleo Power Meals★★★★☆

Best Meal Delivery Services Near Me (You)

Grandcestors - Find those meals in grocery stores around the country
Grandcestors – find these meals in a grocery store near you, including Trader Joe’s.

I don’t know where you live, so I can’t tell you what meal services are located in your area. However, some of the following brands offer local pickup options, and others sell their meals in grocery stores nationwide (notably at Trader Joe’s).

A higher rating means better availability nationwide. Lower ratings indicate local pickup options only. The rating doesn’t reflect the quality or taste of the meals.

Meal ServiceRating
Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine★★★☆☆
Paleo Power Meals★★★☆☆

All Prepared Meal Delivery Services

Below is an overview of all the prepared meal delivery services I reviewed, in alphabetical order.


beetnik - Frozen Organic Paleo Meals
  • Certified paleo and gluten-free
  • Grass-fed beef
  • 100% organic ingredients
  • Prepared meals are available at some retailers
  • Low-calorie meals, with 160-320 calories per entree
  • Chicken is not pastured

At a glance, beetnik is what Lean Cuisine claims to be but isn’t. But all joking aside, beetnik makes frozen organic paleo meals that carry the “Certified Gluten-Free” and “Certified Paleo” labels.

As such, you can be sure that those meals were not made in a shared kitchen, and are thus safe for people with celiac disease. All of beetnik’s meals are also Whole30 approved, dairy/soy-free, and non-GMO.

The beef beetnik uses for its pre-made meals is from organic, pasture-raised cows and thus of the highest quality. However, based on the description on beetnik’s webpage, they only use free-range poultry (as opposed to pasture-raised).

How Much Is Beetnik?

Beetnik’s pricing is relatively straightforward. You can buy individual meals or meal bundles consisting of 8 or 24 meals.

Meal SizeAverage Price
8-meal bundle$65.26
24-meal bundle$169.00


Eatology - Paleo - Zone Meal Delivery Service
  • All meals use gluten-free recipes
  • Nationwide delivery
  • All-natural ingredients
  • No pasture-raised or grass-fed meats
  • Fresh fruits/vegetables are not organic

Eatology is a prepared meal delivery option focusing on the paleo and Zone diets, and the company specializes in preparing healthy meals that taste like “cheat meals.” In other words, Eatology prepares tasty meals that would usually be off limits by using healthy substitute ingredients.

Considering that Eatology is based on the so-called Paleo-Zone way of eating, all of their meals are sized into blocks of protein.

The way I see it, Eatology offers two primary benefits over other paleo meal delivery services. First, Each meal tastes like a cheat meal, even though it isn’t. Second, The company offers each dish in so-called “blocks,” so it’s easy to control portions and count macros.

How Much Is Eatology?

Eatology has structured its pricing around two factors: meal size and whether or not you enter a subscription. The pricing table below shows examples of how that pricing works.

Meals SizeAverage Price
2B meal$10.50
3B meal$12.75
2B 10-meal subscription$83.00
3B 10-meal subscription$103.30

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Eatology discount code: If you’d like to give Eatology a try, make sure to use code MK to get 10% off your order!


Factor 75 Meals - Turkey - Ragu - Zucchini - Bowl
Factor Meals: turkey, ragu, zucchini and harvest bowls.
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Grass-fed and pasture-raised meats
  • Strict paleo, but also caters to other diets (keto, vegetarian, etc.)
  • Subscription only
  • Doesn’t offer individual meals
  • Offers a mix of organic and conventionally-grown produce

Factor — formerly known as Factor 75 — is one of my favorite paleo home delivery services and one I had tried in the past. The name Factor 75 was derived from the theory that 75% of how you look, feel and perform is based on what you eat.

Factor employs a variety of professionals ranging from doctors, registered dietitians and nutritionists, trainers, and well-trained professional chefs who work together to prepare and deliver premium-quality paleo meals.

The company delivers fresh meals, and you only need to reheat them before consumption. To learn more, check out my full Factor review!

How Much Is Factor?

Factor’s pricing is relatively simple and mostly based on how many meals you include in your subscription. The more meals you include, the less expensive each meal is.

Meals per weekPrice per meal

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Factor discount code: If you’d like to give Factor a try, you can use code MKUMMER40 to get $40 off your delivery!

Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine

Fresh n Fit Cuisine Paleo Meal Delivery Service
Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine: roasted chicken breast with salad and asparagus.
  • Pasture-raised and grass-fed meats
  • Local pick-up options
  • Offers meals for different dietary lifestyles
  • Not all fresh ingredients are also organic

Fresh ‘n Fit is a healthy food delivery service based in Atlanta. The company has been in operation since 2003, delivering mostly organic and dairy-free paleo meals made with grass-fed and pasture-raised meats, and organic fruits and vegetables (when available).

Additionally, each chef-prepared meal is reviewed and approved by registered dietitians.

Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine offers weekly meal plans, but you can also order individual meals. Each regular meal is offered as a 400 or 600 calorie option. Each paleo diet meal is available in 350-450 (Standard) or 500-600 calorie (Beast) options.

How Much Is Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine?

Meals start at $7.50 per meal but can go up to $14.99 if you only order one individual 600-calorie dinner.

Meals per weekPrice per Meal (400kcal)

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Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine discount code: If you’d like to give this service a try, you can use discount code MK10 to save 10% off your subscription! To learn more about Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine, check out my full review.

Fresh n’ Lean

Fresh n Lean
  • Premium ingredients
  • Omnivore, carnivore and herbivore friendly
  • Free nationwide delivery over $105
  • Price
  • Mixed reviews from other customers

Fresh n’ Lean is a fresh meal delivery service and one of the various brands under the California-based Nutrition Corporation umbrella.

The company offers four different meal plans that it splits into meat-based and plant-based options. That means Fresh n’ Lean caters to both carnivores and herbivores (which means tons of options if you’re an omnivore), and the company uses only the best ingredients for its meals, including organic, locally-grown seasonal fruits and veggies, pastured meat, and wild-caught fish.

Additionally, each entree is a gluten-free meal with no dairy, soy, artificial ingredients or added sugars.

How Much Is Fresh N’ Lean?

Fresh n’ Lean isn’t among the cheap meal delivery services, but I consider their pricing fair given the premium ingredients the company uses.

Also, keep in mind that the company offers a free nationwide delivery area. That means you pay for shipping and packaging as part of the meals.

The pricing above is valid if you order three meals per day, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Alternatively, you can also order individual meals a la carte, and the more meals you order, the lower the price per meal is.

To qualify for free shipping on individual meal orders, the order amount has to be above $105.

Meal Types (Subscription)Average Price
ION Performance Protein +$12.25
ION Performance Paleo (Low-Carb)$12.69
Standard Plant-Based$9.33
Low Carb / Low Cal Plant-Based$11.33

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Freshly Paleo Meal Delivery Service
  • Free delivery
  • Gluten-free meals (certified)
  • Menu changes weekly
  • Some ingredients are non-GMO
  • No grass-fed & pasture-raised meats
  • Not strict paleo

Freshly is a New York-based fresh meal delivery service that focuses on making eating convenient, healthy, delicious and sustainable. Unlike most of the delivery services I have reviewed, Freshly operates a certified gluten-free kitchen, making it ideal for people who have celiac disease.

The company offers a menu of meal choices that change weekly, and it delivers all of its ready-made meals fresh and never frozen.

If you’re looking for a delivery service that adheres to the basic principles of the Paleolithic diet, Freshly is a reasonable choice. However, the company does not guarantee that all its ingredients are strictly paleo-friendly.

So if you follow our ancestors dietary ways down to the letter, I would recommend you check the ingredients and read the recipe cards of each meal before you place the order.

How Much Is Freshly?

Freshly’s pricing depends on how many meals you include in your weekly delivery. The more meals you order, the cheaper the price per meal is.

MealsPrice per Week
4$49.44 ($12.36/meal)
6$59.99 (~$10.00/meal)
9$89.99 (~$10.00/meal)
12$107.99 (~$9.00/meal)

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Grandcestors - Grumbo
Grandcestors – Grumbo.
  • All meals are paleo and Whole30 approved
  • Grass-fed beef and free-range chicken
  • Balanced macronutrients
  • No pasture-raised or grass-fed meats
  • Produce is not organic

Grandcestors focuses on the core of the caveman way of eating by delivering healthy yet delicious meals using simple ingredients and balanced macronutrients. The company ships its meals frozen, but they’re ready to eat in only three minutes.

Grandcestors uses 100% grass-fed beef and free-range (but not pastured) chicken. From a practical standpoint, Grandcestors also uses non-GMO ingredients, but they can’t carry the official label because the feed their poultry producer uses is not non-GMO certified.

Additionally, all their meals are free of grains, dairy (milk), soy and legumes.

It’s worth noting that the meals from both beetnik and Grandcestors are available in retail stores, and that has a significant advantage in regards to labeling standards. As a result, each meal has to have a USDA-compliant nutrition label, and inspectors from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) are present during the production process.

Companies that sell directly to consumers only have to comply with local county regulations.

How Much Does Grandcestors Cost?

Grandcestors’ pricing is straightforward! Each meal costs $9.99 and has between 280 and 510 calories.


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Ice Age Meals

Ice Age Meals - Grass-fed Trip Tip
Grass-fed Trip Tip
  • Paleo and keto options available
  • Grass-fed beef
  • Some ingredients are organic
  • Available as individual meals w/ no subscription required
  • Most ingredients are not organic
  • Chicken and eggs are not pastured
  • Price

Paleo Nick, a chef who has been cooking for over 20 years, founded Ice Age Meals. CrossFit Alpharetta, where my wife and I work out, recently started offering those frozen meals, so I got a chance to give them a try.

What I like about Ice Age Meals is that they’re simple yet delicious meals that make it easy to “keep it paleo” if you don’t have time to cook. The second thing I like about those meals is that you can order them in batches of six, 14, 24 or 48 meals – with no subscription required.

The downside of Ice Age Meals is that most of their ingredients are neither organic nor non-GMO. For a box of six meals, you pay between $15 and $18 each, which is on the higher end of what I have seen. For that price, I would have expected organic ingredients and pastured poultry and eggs.

Ice Age Meals aren’t cheap, and I wish they used organic ingredients. However, I appreciate the convenience factor, because I can pick them up at my CrossFit box at a reasonable price if my wife or I don’t have time to cook.

Taste-wise, all three of the meals I sampled were delicious and better than some of the other meals I had tried.

How Much Are Ice Age Meals?

Ice Age Meals prices its meals based on how many meals you include in your order and the type of meal.

In other words, some meals are more expensive than others, depending on their ingredients. The table below shows the price ranges for various-size meal boxes.

Meal SizePrice per meal
6 meals$15 – $18
14 meals$13 – $15
24 meals$11 – $14
48 meals$11 – $13

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Catered Fit (Formerly One Paleo Delivers)

Catered Fit
  • Paleo, keto, meatless and combo meals
  • Free daily delivery
  • Locally-sourced ingredients
  • Wild-caught seafood
  • Organic produce and pasture-raised meat are not guaranteed

Catered Fit used to be called One Paleo Delivers when it was a local delivery service in Southern California. Now Catered Fit services areas in both Florida and California.

The company strives to use only the highest-quality ingredients from local sources, and they don’t use any products containing high-fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, modified starches, man-made dyes, table salt, white flour or white sugar.

How Much Does Catered Fit Cost?

Catered Fit doesn’t offer individual meals. Instead, the company offers meal plans for 5 and 20 days.

Meal PlanPrice per meal
5-day planStarting at $8.00
20-day planStarting at $7.70 per meal

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Paleo Meals To Go (Wild Zora)

Paleo Meals To Go - AIP Meals
Paleo Meals To Go – AIP meals.
  • Freeze-dried for long shelf life
  • Grass-fed beef
  • Great for camping and outdoor activities
  • Have meals compatible with the AIP protocol
  • Not all ingredients are organic

I had my first positive experience with Paleo Meals To Go when they were still an independent business. Early in 2018, Wild Zora Foods*, one of my favorite meat snack manufacturers, acquired Paleo Meals To Go and made an already great product even better. Specifically, the new owner made the following changes to the product:

  • Updated the packaging to make it shorter, wider and easier to eat out of.
  • Removed the added sugar the meals had before.
  • Improved the recipes and formula for improved flavours.
  • Increased the shelf life to up to two years.
  • Now uses pasture-raised and grass-fed meat and more organic ingredients.

What makes Paleo Meals To Go different from all the other meal delivery options in this review is that their meals have an incredibly long shelf-life of up to two years, thanks to the freeze-drying process the company uses.

To prepare the meals, all you have to do is add hot water and let the pouch sit for a couple of minutes. That makes Paleo Meals To Go a unique option that is ideal for camping, hiking, traveling, or other occasions where bringing perishable food is not practical.

Thanks to the extended shelf-life, you could even stock Paleo Meals To Go as your emergency rations, and before the meals expire, you can eat and restock them.

How Much Does Paleo Meals To Go Cost?

Paleo Meals To Go offers breakfast and lunch/dinner meals that the company prices differently —see the following table.

Meal TypePrice
Lunch or dinner$12.95

Wild Zora discount code: To save 15% on your order of Paleo Meals To Go, use code MK15!

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Paleo On The Go

Paleo on the Go - Filet with Spinach Artichoke Casserole
Filet with Spinach Artichoke Casserole
  • Paleo-certified, keto, and AIP-friendly meals
  • All keto meals are also paleo and AIP friendly
  • Specializes in paleo comfort foods
  • Offers meal bundle savings
  • Certified paleo and gluten-free
  • High-quality ingredients (pastured meats and organic produce)
  • Commitment-free ordering
  • $99 minimum order requirement
  • Relatively high shipping fees
  • Not all ingredients are organic

Paleo On The Go (POTG) is a healthy meal delivery service that specializes in paleo and ketogenic dishes that are also compatible with the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP). All their meals include only pasture-raised, grass-fed, and non-GMO ingredients.

The downside of Paleo On The Go is that not all their produce is organic, and they offer only a limited number of meals that feature the paleo badge.

Paleo On The Go delivers traditional comfort food with a healthy twist. As a result, you get delicious, wholesome, and paleo/AIP-friendly dishes that can help you to lose weight, but without ingredients that have the potential to irritate your gut.

In March of 2019, POTG announced their partnership with Whole30. As a result, their meals are now officially Whole30 approved.

As part of my review, I had the chance to try five of the almost 80 paleo/AIP meals the company offers.

How much is Paleo On The Go?

Single-serving meals cost somewhere between $4.50 and $25 (with few exceptions), but POTG also offers meal kits and packs that serve more people.

Meal TypePrice
AIP Meals$4.50 – $52.00*
Keto Meals$4.50 – $23.50*
Phoenix Helix Variety Pack$99.00*
Comfort Bundle$99.00*
Breakfast Meal Bundle$113.00*
Keto Success Bundle$175.00*
Sugar Detox Meal Bundle$220.00*
Monthly Meal Bundles$250.00*

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Paleo On The Go discount code: If you use promo code MK, you get $15 off your order! To learn more about Paleo On The Go and the meals I sampled, check out my full review.

Paleo Power Meals

Paleo Power Meals
  • Grass-fed and pasture-raised meats
  • Flexible meal options
  • Works with professional athletes
  • Delivers to 48 states
  • Limited selection
  • Not all ingredients are organic
  • Outdated webpage

The company was founded by a culinary-trained chef and fellow CrossFitter with the goal of offering a healthy food delivery service to busy people. Paleo Power Meals handcrafts all of its meals using quality ingredients.

The company has over 40 affordable meal options, each offering between 300 and 400 calories. While Chef Jared and his team use only grass-fed and pasture-raised meats, not all of their produce is organic.

If you’re a paleo enthusiast looking to get premium meals and excellent service, you should consider giving Paleo Power Meals a shot.

How Much Does It Cost?

Paleo Power Meals offers their meals on an individual basis, starting at $5.95. The company also provides bulk meals and automatically applies discounts, based on your order volume:

  • 5% discount on orders of $75 or more
  • 10% discount on orders of $150 or more
  • 15% discount on orders of $200 or more

Additionally, you can opt for a recurring meal plan to make your life easier and get meals automatically delivered every week.

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Pete’s Paleo

Pete's Paleo Meal Delivery
  • Organic and non-GMO ingredients
  • Grass-fed and pasture-raised meats
  • Flexible meal options
  • Delivers to all 50 states
  • Price

Pete’s Paleo is a certified paleo delivery service that uses only 100% paleo ingredients. That means no gluten, soy or dairy. Instead, all ingredients are organic, non-GMO, pasture-raised and grass-fed.

The company offers three primary meal plans, including:

  • Pete’s Paleo Meals
  • Pete’s Paleo Light – similar to the main plan but with smaller portions.
  • Eat What You Love – gives you the ability to pick and choose your meals. Useful if you have special diet restrictions, such as keto, AIP or low-FODMAP.

How Much Does Pete’s Paleo Cost?

Weekly meal subscriptions start at $123 for five meals. For an additional fee, you can double the protein in every meal, and you can choose between a weekly or bi-weekly delivery schedule.

MealsPrice per bundle
20 (Family plan)$324.00

Pete’s Paleo discount code: If you decide to give Pete’s Paleo a try, you can use this link* to get $10 off your first order.

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Sakara Life

Plant-based dish by Sakara Life
Plant-based dish by Sakara Life.
  • Exclusively plant-based
  • Organic and non-GMO produce
  • Dairy-free and gluten-free
  • Makes questionable health claims (detox…)
  • Expensive

What I like about Sakara is their focus on the quality of their food. All produce is organically-grown and non-GMO. Additionally, all meals are free of dairy, refined sugar and gluten.

What I don’t like about Sakara is that the company makes questionable health claims around detoxification and gut healing. For example, Sakara says that they follow “age-old healing traditions.”

I don’t know how Sakara defines “old,” but if they followed dietary traditions based on human evolution, they’d offer meat and animal fat instead of quinoa and tofu — foods humans didn’t eat until about 10,000 years ago. That’s nothing in comparison to our 2.6 million years of eating dead animals.

How Much Does Sakara Cost?

Sakara’s pricing is based on various factors, including the number of meals and delivery frequency (weekly subscription or one-time purchase). The table below should give you an idea of how much their meals would cost you.

For example, the 3-day program consists of 9 meals, including one breakfast, lunch and dinner per day.

Meals (Frequency)Price
9 meals (one-time purchase)$255.00
15 meals (one-time purchase)$440.00
30 meals (one-time purchase)$880.00
60 meals (one-time purchase)$1.760.00
9 meals (weekly subscription)$239.00
15 meals (weekly subscription)$420.00

The food Sakara offers is certainly top-notch quality, but it’s way overpriced. More importantly, the food the company offers is way out of line with what evolution has taught us to be the ideal human diet (hint: it’s not buckwheat and quinoa).

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The Good Kitchen

The Good Kitchen - Menu
  • Grass-fed and pasture-raised meats
  • All meals are gluten-free and soy-free
  • Free delivery to 48 states
  • Not all produce is organic and non-GMO

The goal of The Good Kitchen (formerly known as ModPALEO) is to deliver fresh and from-scratch meals while using only ingredients from trusted partners. All of the meat The Good Kitchen uses is grass-finished and free of antibiotics and hormones.

The company also takes great care to use only vegetables and grains that are in-season by abiding by the “Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen” list. As a result, some of the fruits and vegetables they use are organic and non-GMO, but not all.

What I like about The Good Kitchen is their flexible meal plans, which include:

  • A flexible subscription plan and one-time orders
  • Bulk plans
  • Adult and kids’ meals

In addition to giving you flexibility in how many meals you get and how often, you further select your meals based on the following dietary restrictions:

  • Beef/pork/chicken/seafood
  • Vegetarian
  • Keto-friendly
  • Paleo

How Much Does The Good Kitchen Cost?

You can get five delicious meals as a one-time order with free shipping for as low as $70 or $14 per meal. If you order 35 meals, the cost per meal drops down to $11. Additionally, The Good Kitchen offers weekly subscription plans.

10 meals “The Couples Plan”$130.00
14-meal “The Anti-Cook Plan”$182.00
21-meal “The All in Plan”$231.00
7-meal “The Lil Sprout” (Kids)$48.93
14-meal “The Power Up” (Kids)$97.86
21-meal “The Big Boost” (Kids)$146.79
30 (frozen meal bundle)$300.00

Trifecta Nutrition

Trifecta Nutrition - Ahi Tuna
Trifecta Nutrition – ahi tuna.
  • Organic and non-GMO ingredients
  • Grass-fed and pasture-raised meats
  • Comprehensive support to reach nutritional goals
  • Free nationwide delivery
  • Price

Trifecta Nutrition is another excellent delivery service that offers entirely organic meals. Interestingly, Trifecta’s service was established in a partnership with the founder of paleo, Dr. Loren Cordain. With this, one doesn’t need more explanation to know that Trifecta Nutrition is the real deal when it comes to eating as our Paleolithic ancestors did.

Trifecta Nutrition is no doubt an excellent choice if you want 100% organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, pasture-raised and grass-fed ingredients.

Additionally, Trifecta Nutrition uses only wild-caught seafood, and the company strictly complies with Animal Welfare Level 5. In other words, they use only the most premium (and expensive) ingredients… and their prices reflect that.

Like other companies, Trifecta Nutrition caters to a wide variety of diets, and they even offer an a la carte section. The latter allows you to pick and choose individual meals that adhere to specific diets, including AIP, Whole30, and hCG. You can even select individual ingredients by weight if you’re on a macro-based eating plan like many CrossFitters in my box are.

How Much Does Trifecta Nutrition cost?

Weekly meal subscriptions start at $108.43 per week for the Paleo Meal Plan, including seven lunches. Additional options and prices are listed below.

10 (breakfast and lunch)$147.90
14 (breakfast and lunch)$207.06
10 (lunch and dinner)$149.90
14 (lunch and dinner)$209.86
15 (breakfast, lunch and dinner)$214.35
21 (breakfast, lunch and dinner)$300.09

Try Trifecta Nutrition*

True Fare

True Fare - Tandoori Chicken
True Fare – Tandoori Chicken.
  • Organic and non-GMO ingredients
  • Grass-fed and pasture-raised meats
  • Free delivery to GA and other regions (based on order amount)
  • Locally farmed and sourced ingredients
  • Delivers to all 50 states
  • Price

True Fare is local to Georgia, focusing on offering healthy meals at a reasonable price. What I like about True Fare is that they source their ingredients from local farms in my home state.

True Fare’s unique offering includes so-called meal bundles, a subscription service, and a small selection of meals you can purchase individually. While many of their meals are paleo-friendly, True Fare’s focus lies on Whole30, AIP and Keto.

When I first browsed True Fare’s menu, it was not immediately clear how I could filter for paleo meals, because the company doesn’t offer paleo in their primary menu. To identify and order paleo-friendly meals, True Fare gives you a couple of options:

  • Menu filter – you can use the menu filter, as shown in the screenshot above, to list only paleo meals.
  • Whole30 meals – all of True Fare’s meals are Whole30 approved. Whole30 is similar to paleo, but allows for certain foods, such as white potato, that paleo does not. However, when you place an order for a meal or meal bundle, you can request (for example) “no white potatoes,” and the company will honor that request at no charge.
  • AIP meals – AIP meals are paleo-friendly but even more restrictive than the Paleolithic eating style because they exclude nuts, seeds, and nightshades (tomatoes and peppers) among others. If you’re fine with these restrictions, AIP meals are an excellent choice for anyone following in the footsteps of our ancestors.

True Fare offers delicious meals that contain only grass-fed meats and organically-grown vegetables from Georgia farms. True Fare is one of just two paleo food delivery services in this review that ships meals frozen.

How Much Does True Fare Cost?

True Fare offers various meal options and subscription plans. The example below reflects meal bundles including breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack.

6 (for 2 days)$65.95
15 (for 5 days)$179.95
30 (for 10 days)$349.00
45 (for 15 days)$515.00

It looks like as if True Fare has seized operations because their online store no longer accessible.

Download Comparison Table

You can also download a complete comparison table as a PDF file here.

Meal Delivery Services - Comparison Table

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions I get a lot, and their corresponding answers. I’ll make sure to keep this section updated as I get more feedback from readers.

What’s the difference between a meal kit delivery service, a meal prep service, and/or a meal delivery service?

Meal kit delivery or meal prep delivery services (like Blue Apron and Green Chef) send you the ingredients you need to cook a meal by following recipe cards.

Fresh or frozen meal delivery services, on the other hand, deliver ready-to-heat or ready-to-eat meals that don’t require any preparation.

Ultimately, it depends on how involved you want to get in preparing your own food. If you enjoy cooking but don’t have time for grocery shopping, a meal kit service might be the right choice for you.

What’s the paleo diet?

Paleo takes cues from our ancestors who lived during the Paleolithic period, and it mimics their dietary habits. The paleo diet is rich in organic vegetables, healthy fats, lean meats, seafood, seasonal fruits as well as nuts and seeds.

Additionally, this way of living is a clean way to eat without any preservatives, additives or potentially harmful chemicals.

To learn more about paleo, check out my Paleo Diet Beginners Guide.

What’s a ketogenic diet?

Keto is a high-fat, low-carb diet with the goal of forcing your body into using fat (ketones) instead of glucose as its primary source of energy. You can learn more about the ketogenic diet in my ultimate beginner’s guide.

To learn more about the differences between keto and paleo, check out this comparison article.

What’s the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP)?

The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) is an elimination diet that has the goal of reducing inflammation and improving the immune system. It’s somewhat similar to the paleo diet, but more restrictive in what you can eat. You can learn more about the diet here.

What’s low FODMAP?

FODMAP is an acronym that stands for “Fermentable Oligo-, Di-, Mono-saccharides And Polyols.” FODMAPs are short-chain carbs that the small intestine absorbs poorly. As a result, these carbs can irritate your gut and cause inflammation.

The Low-FODMAP diet reduces or eliminates FODMAPS, with the goal of reducing said inflammation. You can learn more about FODMAPS here.

What’s the hCG Diet?

According to the Mayo Clinic, hCG is human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone produced during pregnancy. The hCG diet encourages severe caloric restriction of 500-800 calories a day while consuming over-the-counter HCG drops.

Besides the lack of scientific evidence as to the effectiveness of such diets, it seems like there’s an increased risk of the so-called “Yo-Yo” effect.

Are there other ready-to-eat and meal prep delivery services that you didn’t review?

Yes, there are many others that didn’t make it into this review for one reason or another. Some of those include Chef’s Choice (known for its plant-based meals), Daily Harvest (which also offers smoothie kits), Kettlebell Kitchen, Magic Kitchen, Weight Watchers Fresh, and more.

Why haven’t you included Terra’s Kitchen?

I had Terra’s kitchen included in this review but removed them early in 2020 because the company went bankrupt and seized operations.

Best Meal Delivery Services – Final Words

When food delivery services were first established, they often didn’t cater to health-conscious consumers, and especially not to those with special diets.

Usually, they were aimed at the Weight Watchers crowd: people looking for ways to lose weight without making wholesale changes to their dietary habits. Another customer base was people simply too busy to go to the grocery store, and who thus ended up getting takeout from restaurants on a regular basis.

Fortunately, some of those services have listened to their customers’ needs and demands. That means that today, you can get meals that meet almost any type of dietary restriction or flavour delivered to your doorstep.

As a result, some of the delivery services in this review offer keto, AIP, hCG, low-FODMAP, low-carb, vegetarian and, of course, paleo meal options.

And since they can fit within almost any diet, they’re a great option for busy people who don’t have time to cook: they make an easy meal and can take the stress out of planning weeknight dinners when you already have too much to think about.

The primary differences among all the reviewed delivery services are price, the variety of meals, adherence to the specific dietary requirements, shipping fees, and the quality of their ingredients.

For example, some services offer grass-fed and pastured meat, while others don’t.

As you can imagine, the quality of the ingredients can have a significant impact on the price of the final meal and subscription plan. You’ll have to decide what’s important to you and find the right balance between price and the quality of the meals.

My recommendation is to order from the best meal delivery service you can afford and which fits your dietary requirements.

Regardless of what type of service you choose, don’t forget about the importance of taking time to prepare your food and to enjoy it with friends and family.

I know life can get incredibly busy and prepping meals and taking time to eat seems like a luxury we can’t afford. However, I strongly encourage you to take the time and share a meal with the people you love.

Have you tried any of the above services, or maybe an entirely different one? If so, let me know by leaving a comment below.

Medical Disclaimer

The information shared on this blog is for educational purposes only, is not a substitute for the advice of medical doctors or registered dieticians (which we are not) and should not be used to prevent, diagnose, or treat any condition. Consult with a physician before starting a fitness regimen, adding supplements to your diet, or making other changes that may affect your medications, treatment plan or overall health. MichaelKummer.com and its owner MK Media Group, LLC are not liable for how you use and implement the information shared here, which is based on the opinions of the authors formed after engaging in personal use and research. We recommend products, services, or programs and are sometimes compensated for doing so as affiliates. Please read our Terms and Conditions for further information, including our privacy policy.

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