Ampcoil Review: At-Home Personal PEMF and Sound Therapy System

Last Updated: Jul 09, 2024

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I first encountered pulsed electromagnetic field technology (PEMF) while attending Dave Asprey’s Biohacking conference in Los Angeles in 2023. Since then, it has exploded in popularity.

While most of the high-end PEMF devices I discovered at the conference were out of my price range (with many retailing for over $20,000), I’ve now had the opportunity to test Ampcoil, which is an at-home personal PEMF and sound therapy system that’s user-friendly and affordable (relatively speaking). 

Before I tell you about my experience with the device, here are a few key points to keep in mind:

  • The benefits of Ampcoil can be difficult to measure if you’re generally healthy (like I am).
  • Based on user feedback (and scientific literature involving PEMF but not Ampcoil specifically), the device appears to be most beneficial for those suffering from ailments such as Lyme disease, osteoarthritis, inflammation, bone fractures, soft tissue injuries, poor circulation and low energy levels.
  • While the underlying principles of PEMF are well understood, we still know little about how it can be applied to treat specific conditions.
  • I experienced improvements in sleep, muscle recovery and my sense of calmness while using Ampcoil. Still, given that I wasn’t operating in a controlled environment, I can’t say whether it was Ampcoil or something else that triggered those improvements.
  • Despite being one of the more affordable PEMF devices on the market, Ampcoil is still relatively expensive and best suited for those who suffer from ailments (like Lyme disease) that are difficult to treat with other lifestyle interventions. 

PEMFs vs. EMFs

Non-ionizing radiation vs. ionizing radiation.
Non-ionizing radiation vs. ionizing radiation.

One thing worth discussing right upfront is how PEMFs are different from “regular” EMFs, which many health-conscious individuals (myself included) are actively trying to avoid. 

EMFs are ubiquitous and a natural part of our environment, but problems arise when we’re chronically exposed to unnatural EMF levels. 

For example, never in human history have we been exposed to the levels and specific frequencies of WiFi routers, microwaves and cell phones (and towers), to name a few, that we’re exposed to today. The strength and frequencies emitted by those appliances don’t match our natural environment. 

In fact, a study published in 2018 on the possible effects of man-made radiofrequency EMFs concluded that these frequencies “act as a stressor in living creatures” and “can induce changes in central nervous system nerve cells” causing tissue warming, changes of pore-forming membrane proteins responsible for cell communication (ion channels), damage to the protective covering that surrounds nerve fibers (demyelination) and more.

While greater in strength, the pulsed electromagnetic fields and frequencies emitted by devices such as Ampcoil are therapeutic and mimic natural frequencies to which our cells respond positively. Plus, your exposure to those frequencies is limited to one session of 20 to 45 minutes daily during the treatment period. 

Benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Our cells naturally emit electromagnetic signals that are essential for cellular communication and function. 

For example, in the brain, neurons communicate through synapses, where electrical signals are converted into chemical signals and then back into electrical signals in the next neuron. This communication allows for complex processes like thinking, memory, and sensory perception. 

Another example is muscle contractions. When you decide to move your arm, your brain sends an electrical signal through nerves to your muscle cells. This signal causes calcium ions to flow into the muscle cells, triggering a series of events that lead to muscle contraction.

Stress, injury and illness can disrupt those signals, leading to impaired cellular function and potential ailments, including poor immunity, reduced exercise performance and impaired cognition.

PEMF therapy produces low-frequency electromagnetic waves that mimic the body’s natural frequencies, thus helping to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and accelerate the body’s healing processes by restoring and supporting proper cellular function and communication.

Proponents of PEMF claim that the technology offers the following health benefits:

  • Pain relief and improved physical function.
  • Reduced inflammation.
  • Enhanced circulation and wound healing.
  • Bone and soft-tissue healing.
  • Improved sleep and relaxation.
  • Reduction of symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • Increased energy.

While many of these benefits are based on anecdotal evidence from end-users, the FDA has actually approved PEMF for treating non-union fractures because there is considerable clinical evidence proving that PEMF speeds up the healing process of such fractures

In fact, a systematic review published in the Austrian medical journal Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift concluded that PEMF also reduces pain and improves physical function in non-specific low back pain patients. Another study, published in BMJ Open, concluded that PEMF is also effective (and safe) for patients suffering from osteoarthritis.

Aside from the research listed above, there is growing scientific evidence (based on animal studies) that PEMF could also be effective for stem cell regeneration, metabolic syndrome, breast cancer, kidney failure and more. 

Additionally, there is emerging evidence that sound therapy and bioresonance (another feature of Ampcoil) can support gene expression, help with depression and reduce stress (cortisol) levels. (I’ll talk more about sound therapy later in this article.)

None of the studies I have reviewed used Ampcoil. However, Ampcoil mimics the frequencies and electromagnetic field characteristics of the devices used in this research.

AmpCoil Review

What’s in the Box

What comes in the Ampcoil Box.
Here’s what you get when you purchase Ampcoil.

Ampcoil 3.0 includes an amplifier, which is built into a hardshell carrying case, the magnetic coil, an Android-powered tablet running the BetterGuide App (to control your Ampcoil experience), and the various cables connecting the tablet to the amp and the amp to a power outlet.

The hardshell case protects all the components while not in use and makes it easy to bring Ampcoil when traveling. 

During my testing, I positioned the system next to our couch in the family room so I could “coil” while chatting with my wife or watching a show on TV in the evening.

The BetterGuide app features a vast collection of what the company calls “journeys” to help support your health and well-being with specific frequencies. 

How We’ve Used Ampcoil

I like using Ampcoil while chilling on the couch with Rib Eye.
I like using Ampcoil while chilling on the couch with Rib Eye.

Using Ampcoil is relatively straightforward. All I had to do was plug the amp into a nearby power outlet, connect the audio cable to the amp and the tablet, and select a journey using the BetterGuide app. While the app features a vast catalog of journeys, I stuck with the recommendations of the Ampcoil support team:

  • Nutrition Tune-Up. Specific frequencies to support my digestive system.
  • Relax All. My favorite journey after an intense day in the office.
  • General Detox. A collection of frequencies to help rid my body of all the toxins I’m exposed to daily.
  • Deep Sleep. Specific frequencies to help my brain get into (and stay longer in) slow-wave sleep.

Additionally, my wife used the Immune Boost and Pain Relief journeys when she felt under the weather, and after she tweaked a muscle in her back during a CrossFit workout.

What I like about Ampcoil is that I can use it while reading, relaxing or watching TV. In other words, I didn’t have to actively engage in “coiling,” which would take time out of my day. 

Of course, it’s a no-brainer to spend 20-45 minutes (which is how long a session takes) to support the healing process if you suffer from a debilitating disease. But since I was using Ampcoil merely for health-optimization purposes, I don’t think I would have used it consistently if I wasn’t able to coil while watching TV or catching up on my favorite homesteading channel on YouTube.

A related convenience factor for me was to have Ampcoil set up and ready to go next to our family room couch. All I had to do was sit down, grab the tablet and start a journey. Fortunately, we had a spot under the side table where I could place the hard shell case containing the amplifier without introducing clutter to our family room. If I had to store Ampcoil in my office and set it up whenever I wanted to use it, I don’t think I would have coiled very often.

The convenience factor is the reason why I didn’t use the optional PEMF mat Ampcoil sent me very often (because I didn’t have a spot where I could just leave it).

The optional Ampcoil PEMF mat.
The optional Ampcoil PEMF mat.

For reference, the mat effectively doubles the magnetic strength of the coil and increases the coverage area. In other words, it’s an excellent tool for whole-body treatments.

Does Ampcoil Work?

Tuning forks are an excellent visual representation (albeit not a scientifically accurate one) of how PEMF works.
Tuning forks are an excellent visual representation (albeit not a scientifically accurate one) of how PEMF works.

I firmly believe in the effectiveness of PEMF technology based on my understanding of physics and the available scientific evidence.

To visualize how Ampcoil works, just hold a vibrating tuning fork next to another tuning fork. You’ll notice that the second fork will start vibrating at the same frequency as the first one. 

Of course, PEMF doesn’t literally cause the cells in your body to vibrate like a tuning fork. Instead, the scientific evidence supports the idea that PEMF influences cellular functions through changes in electrical and magnetic properties, leading to therapeutic benefits.

The $8,000 question (that’s how much the device costs) is whether Ampcoil is as effective as the devices used in the studies referenced throughout this article.

My honest answer is that I don’t know because I couldn’t find peer-reviewed studies that used Ampcoil (just devices like Ampcoil).

However, the Wellness for Humanity Foundation conducted a study involving 12 people diagnosed with Lyme Disease and monitored them for four months. The participants used Ampcoil and saw significant improvements in depression, fatigue and brain fog. 

Such studies (or case reports) have limitations, including a small sample size and a lack of controls (e.g., for placebo effects). Still, combined with more robust scientific evidence of PEMF benefits, they give hope to those who suffer from debilitating conditions such as Lyme disease.

Considering that my entire lifestyle is geared toward health optimization, I didn’t notice any significant benefits that I could assign without question to Ampcoil. 

As I mentioned in the introduction, I did notice an overall feeling of calmness, better sleep and slightly improved recovery after intense workouts while testing Ampcoil. Still, considering all the other health optimization hacks I incorporate as part of my daily routine (e.g., sauna bathing, cold plunging, exercise, meditation, etc.), it wouldn’t be fair to say PEMF caused them.

Ampcoil Technical Specifications

Magnetic field strength0.5 to 200 microtesla (µT)
Frequencies4 to 2,200 Hz
Weight12 lbs
Warranty12 months

Magnetic vs. Sound Therapy (Bioresonance)

Besides emitting an electromagnetic field to simulate cellular repair and function, Ampcoil also emits almost inaudible (for most humans) low-frequency sounds and vibrations to promote relaxation, reduce stress and improve mental well-being. While sound therapy might sound like pseudoscience, there are several studies confirming its benefits.

For example, a study published in 2022 discovered that bioresonance was more effective at treating patients suffering from mild to moderate depression than conventional pharmaceuticals, such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).


Ampcoil retails for $7,995, but the company offers financing options for those who qualify. Use code MICHAELKUMMER at checkout for $150 off plus an extended warranty (two years instead of one year).

Shop Ampcoil

Considering Ampcoil’s price tag and the 20% restocking fee if you return the product within 30 days, I recommend trying the technology before purchasing. To find an Ampcoil near you, check out the company’s location directory.

Ampcoil also sells bundles, including the coil and the PEMF mat, for $9,490. The mat retails for $1,495, so that bundle price does not reflect a discount.

Ampil Review: Final Verdict

Ampcoil offers an intriguing at-home solution for people interested in the benefits of PEMF and sound therapy, particularly for chronic conditions like Lyme disease. 

Despite the lack of peer-reviewed studies on Ampcoil itself, the broader scientific literature on PEMF supports its potential benefits for pain relief, improved circulation, and faster healing of bone and soft tissue injuries. 

My personal experience with Ampcoil has shown improvements in sleep quality, muscle recovery, and overall well-being, though these benefits are hard to measure in generally healthy people like myself. (In other words, I can’t be certain that the positive outcomes I experienced while using Ampcoil were a result of the device.)

While Ampcoil is relatively expensive at $7,995, it’s more affordable than many high-end PEMF devices. Its user-friendly design, portability, and convenience make it a viable option for those seeking to integrate PEMF therapy into their daily routines without significant lifestyle changes. 

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