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Top 12 Meal Kit Delivery Services

Best meal kit delivery services

Compared to meal delivery services, meal kit services ship the raw ingredients but you have to cook. While that requires extra time investment and it’s thus not as convenient as getting a ready-to-eat meal delivered, some people prefer spending the extra time in the kitchen. In fact, meal prep services offer an excellent opportunity to … Read more

Why Your Gut Bacteria Hold The Key to Your Health

Microbiome - The Connection Between Diet, Disease, and Your Gut

Table of ContentsWhat Is the Gut Microbiome?What You Will LearnImpact of Gut Dysbiosis on Your HealthWhat Factors Contribute to Dysbiosis?How to Support Your GutGood Bacteria vs. Bad BacteriaThe Gut-Brain AxisBacterial Strains and Their Implications in Health and DiseaseHow Can You Modulate Your Gut Microbiome?Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)Conclusion Did you know that most of the cells … Read more

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements – Do You Really Need Them?

performance labs - whole-food multi

The human body requires vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. That’s why humans evolved on a (predominantly) animal-based diet that supplies those essential micronutrients. Yet, 68% of Americans take vitamin supplements. Arguably, because they think multivitamin supplements have health benefits or reduce the risk of illnesses, such as heart disease. Additionally, some people believe that … Read more

Soylent Meal Replacement Drink Review

Soylent Powder: Original - Cacao

Soylent has enjoyed incredible popularity, but considering the controversy in recent years around this meal replacement drink, many consumers pose the question: Is Soylent healthy? To find out, I have teamed up with a medical doctor who specializes in human metabolism, and we analyzed the ingredients in Soylent. We concluded that Soylent is not a … Read more

How to Eat Healthy While Traveling [Top 3 Tips]

How to Eat Healthy While Traveling - Top 8 Tips

Table of ContentsHow to Eat Healthy While TravelingStaying Healthy While TravelingFood I Try to Stay Away FromTravel Tips for Sticking to Healthy Eating Habits1. Plan AheadPre-Travel TipsExceptions2. Take The Stress Out Of Finding Healthy Food OptionsBring Meal Replacement DrinksConsider Freeze-Dried MealsLeverage Healthy, Non-Perishable Snacks3. Think Outside Of The BoxAsk for SubstitutesEmbrace Intermittent FastingHow to Eat … Read more

Regular vs. Pastured Eggs – What You Need to Know!

Nutritional value of Pastured eggs vs Regular eggs

Table of ContentsTypes of EggsNutritional Value Of Pastured Eggs vs. Regular EggsWhat Kind of Eggs Does the Kummer Family Eat?Egg Packaging Code and FreshnessFrequently Asked QuestionsClosing Thoughts Eggs are a staple in our household. We eat eggs daily and even use them for keto protein shakes. And we eat a lot of them — up … Read more