Perfect Keto

Michael’s passion for human health shines through in every video and blog post. He’s written product reviews that go more in-depth than even our own website’s product pages, and we frequently pass them along to our customers as superb additional reading! Alex Cunningham, Partnerships, Equip Foods and Perfect Keto Michael KummerI’m a healthy living and … Read more


Michael’s review of HLTH Code was easily the most thorough we’ve seen. He asked for evidence of our science, spoke at length with our formulator (who’s a metabolic scientist) and asked thoughtful follow-up questions. It was clear that he wanted his review to be fair and very accurate, which we were delighted with. He’s quickly … Read more


Michael consistently brings Ample valuable customers and is currently in the top three performing affiliates. The dedication he has to providing quality information to his audience transcends far beyond his website. Michael is a pleasure to work with and we look forward to strengthening our partnership even more. Brooke Eyer, Marketing Manager at Ample Joao … Read more


Michael has been one of our top-performing affiliates and most referred to review (we work with Dave Asprey, Ben Greenfield and others). Our customers say that the review he did for us was informative, compelling and entertaining! We certainly see Michael’s work as an asset to our brand and very much enjoyed working with him … Read more

Eight Sleep

Michael is one of Eight Sleep’s top content creators. He has extensive knowledge in his field of health and wellness product reviews. Michael has been engaged ever since we partnered, asking thoughtful questions about the technology and science behind Eight Sleep. He gives honest and insightful reviews of Eight Sleep and all the products he … Read more


Michael is a leader in the health and wellness space. Michael continues to be an enormous asset to our affiliate and community efforts, proving month over month to be one of our top affiliates. From reviews to product comparison videos Michael’s work stands out as extremely accurate and genuine. We look forward to a very … Read more

Apollo Neuroscience

Michael’s passion for wellness and technology shines in his insightful and easily-digestible reviews. He wrote an incredibly detailed account of his experience with Apollo, providing real-life applications and valuable insights – it’s obvious why his audience looks to him as a credible source of information.  He’s quickly become a valuable asset for our affiliate program … Read more


Michael’s in-depth explanation and review on how he upgraded to UniFi as his high-performance networking solution for his home not only resonated with tech enthusiasts and prosumers alike, but the average consumer. He was able to explain our networking components in a simplified manner that has helped thousands better understand our offerings, and how they … Read more

Levels Health

Michael wrote the most in-depth review of our product that exists on the internet. The article was accurate, thorough, and immensely valuable to anyone looking to better understand continuous glucose monitoring technology. More importantly, Michael is also a great guy and a pleasure to work with. Tom Griffin, Head of Partnerships at Levels Michael KummerI’m … Read more