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The Best Wireless Chargers for your iPhone or Android Phone

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Keep your iPhone or Android phone juiced up with the best wireless chargers. Plus, continue reading to learn more about the pros and cons of wireless charging and the benefits of fast charging. To learn more about the fastest way to charge an iPhone (hint: it’s not wireless), check out my YouTube video.

Reviewed Brands & Products

Anker PowerWave 7.5


Asunflower Dual Wireless Charger


Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand


Burkley Leather Fast Charger


Case-Mate Power Pad


Cubevit Fast Wireless Charger


Grovemade Wireless Charging Pad


LXORY Dual Wireless Charging Pad


Mophie Charge Stream Pad+


Nomad Travel Stand


RAVPower 4 Coils Wireless Charger


Samsung Convertible Wireless Charging Stand/Pad


Yayuu Charging Station/Pad


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What is wireless charging?

Wireless charging refers to the ability to charge a battery-powered device, such as a mobile phone, without the need for connecting a cable to the device you want to charge.

The driving force behind wireless charging is magnetism. When an electric current flows through the charging coils of a wireless charging pad (the transmitter), it produces an electromagnetic field that transmits a charge to the corresponding receiver in your device (for example, your mobile phone).

However, the word “wireless” is a bit misleading because, with today’s “wireless” charging technology, there is still a cable involved. The cable just goes into the charging pad (transmitter), instead of into the device (receiver).

What is the wireless charging Qi standard?

There are a few different wireless charging standards available today but the most widely supported one is called Qi and was introduced by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC).

Qi supports both induction and resonant wireless charging, and while most wireless charging pads use inductive charging, there are exciting use cases for the less powerful resonant wireless charging technology.

With inductive charging technology, the charge passes between a transmitter and receiver coil placed closely together, usually only separated by the outer casing of the two devices (<7mm). The coils must be aligned to make the connection, making inductive charging great for direct-contact applications. Some Qi transmitters use a multi-coil system, eliminating the need to align the device with the charging area. (WPC)

In the case of resonant wireless charging, you could, for example, mount a transmitter under a table and charge devices placed on top of the table, without requiring an exact alignment between the coils in the transmitter and the devices’ receivers.

Best Wireless Charger Comparison

Below is an overview and comparison table of the wireless chargers I have tested already and some that I will be testing shortly. Given the size of the table and the available screen space, especially on mobile devices, I decided to create a more detailed PDF that you can request via email using the form below. If you prefer the on-screen version instead, you’ll have to scroll horizontally to see the full table.

Anker Asunflower Belkin Burkley Case-Mate Cubevit Grovemade LXORY Mophie Nomad RAVPower Samsung Yayuu
Type Stand Pad Stand Pad Combo Pad Pad Pad Pad Combo Pad Combo Combo
Fast Charging ✘︎ ✘︎
AC Adapter included ✘︎ ✘︎ ✘︎ ✘︎
Max. Output 10W 7.5W 10W 10W 9W 10W 5W 9W 10W 7.5W 10W 9W 5W
Max. Output (iPhone) 7.5W 7.5W 7.5W 7.5W 7.5W 7.5W 5W 7.5W 7.5W 7.5W 5W 5W 5W
Coils 1 1+1 1 1 1 1 1 1+1 1 1 4 3 1
Warranty 18 Months Lifetime 2+1 Years 90 Days 2 Years 18 Months 6 Months N/A 2 Years 2 Years 30 Days 1 Year N/A
Multi-Device ✘︎ ✘︎ ✘︎ ✘︎ ✘︎ ✘︎ ✘︎ ✘︎ ✘︎ ✘︎
Price $49.99 $45.99 $69.99 $49.00 $60.00 $15.10 $79.00 $38.90 $59.95 $59.95 $45.99 $68.00 $59.99

Anker PowerWave 7.5

Anker PowerWave 7.5

Anker PowerWave 7.5

  • 10W Fast Charging for Samsung S9/S9+/S8/S8+/S7/Note 8
  • 7.5W Fast Charging for iPhone X/8/8 Plus
  • WaveBoost improves charging speed by up to 1 hour
  • Works with cases of up to 5mm thickness
  • Supports portrait and landscape orientation
  • Quick Charge 3.0 AC Adapter included
  • 18-Months Warranty

Anker offers various wireless charging solutions, but I’m most impressed by the Anker PowerWave 7.5, which not only supports fast charging with 7.5W and 10W for iPhone and Samsung phones but thanks to its WaveBoost technology, it’s up to one hour faster than competitive solutions. WaveBoost is a solution that combines state-of-the-art cooling technology with a dedicated chipset.

Anker WaveBoost for improved charging speed

Anker WaveBoost for improved charging speed

The PowerWave 7.5 charging stand also impresses with a solid build quality that includes an anti-slip surface and a raised front-lip that keeps your phone securely positioned in the charger. The latter, unfortunately, makes it difficult to unlock an iPhone X when swiping up from the bottom while the phone is docked.

$49.99 on Amazon

Asunflower Dual Wireless Charger

Asunflower Dual Wireless Charger

Asunflower Dual Wireless Charger

  • 7.5W Fast Charging for Samsung and iPhone
  • Can simultaneously charge an Apple Watch Series 2/3
  • Lifetime Warranty

What makes the Asunflower Dual Wireless Charger unique, is its ability to charge a compatible phone and Apple Watch Series 2/3 at the same time. That feature is one of the reasons why I carry this charging pad in my backpack while traveling.

The Asunflower charger is the only wireless charging pad I have seen that offers a lifetime warranty, but unfortunately, it does not include an AC adapter and the maximum power output for Samsung phones is limited to 7.5W, instead of the 10W other wireless chargers support.

$45.99 on Amazon

Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand

Belkin Boost Up

Belkin Boost Up

  • 10W Fast Charging for Samsung S9/S9+/S8/S8+/S7/Note 8
  • 7.5W Fast Charging for iPhone X/8/8 Plus
  • Charges in landscape and portrait mode
  • Foreign object detection
  • $2,500 connected equipment warranty
  • AC wall adapter and cable included
  • 2-Year warranty with a 1-year extension
  • Available in four different colors

Belkin announced its Boost UP 10W Wireless Charging Stand at CES, and it finally went on sale in May of 2018. I like the design of Belkin’s wireless charging stand because it’s different from most of its competitors. Belkin basically converted a charging disk into a stand, which enables you to charge your phone in either landscape or portrait mode. As one of the most expensive chargers in the test, the Boost Up delivers fast charging of up to 10 Watts via the included wall adapter, and it features a warranty of up to three years. You get two years out of the box, but you can request a free one-year extension.

Belkin Boost Up charges in landscape and portrait mode