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I am constantly on the lookout for new apps that help me be more productive by saving time and automating repetitive tasks. In this post, I present MailButler, an incredibly useful plugin for Apple Mail. MailButler Feingeist Software, the developer behind MailButler, calls the app “Your personal assistant for Apple Mail”. It is a very…(Read More)

Blogging stats for September

I put a lot of time and effort into keeping my blog updated with new content. Just ask my wife how much time I spend in my office, outside of “regular” office hours. I enjoy sharing my experience – good or bad – or solutions to problems it took me hours figuring out. But what keeps…(Read More)

SAP TechEd 2016

During the past decade, I have regularly attended SAP TechEd as an exhibitor. This year is going to be different as I will only be an attendee. SAP TechEd is SAP’s premier technology event for learning, networking, training, and education on the SAP platform and technologies. Just like last year, SAP TechEd takes place…(Read More)

iPhone 7 Launch Day

Compared to past iPhone launches, this year’s iPhone 7 launch didn’t go well for many Apple fans, me included. In this post I’ll share my personal experience and strategies for next year’s launch. In the last couple of years, I always got my new iPhone on launch day. I don’t…(Read More)

SuperDuper before macOS reinstall

macOS (previously known as OS X) is a very solid operating system that usually doesn’t require a lot of reboots and only rarely has to be reinstalled. But occasionally you run into an issue that warrants reinstalling the operating system (OS). That’s especially true if you installed beta versions of macOS. In this…(Read More)

Apple Watch Series 2

On September 7th, Apple announced the iPhone 7, Apple Watch Series 2, AirPods and updates to the iWork suite. In this post I’ll share my thoughts on the new Apple Watch Series 2. I have worn my Apple Watch since it was first released. It’s a good product that has certainly improved my…(Read More)

AppleScript to detect OCR

For a while I have struggled to find a simple solution that would allow me to detect if OCR has already been applied to a given PDF document. I finally figured it out and wanted to share the solution with you. As part of my paperless workflow, I scan every document with my trusted Fujitsu…(Read More)

iPhone 7

On September 7th, Apple announced the iPhone 7, Apple Watch Series 2, AirPods and updates to the iWork suite. In this post I’ll share my thoughts on the new iPhone 7. The new iPhone 7 is a solid upgrade over the iPhone 6s. Unlike many earlier non-s upgrades, Apple hasn’t changed the…(Read More)

After my blog post on Mac productivity, David Sparks of reached out and offered me the opportunity to write an article for the Home Screens section on his blog. Today my post went live and you can check it out here. About MacSparky David Sparks is an Orange County, California business attorney and…(Read More)

Lightning strike - surge protector

Most electronic devices are very sensitive to electrical power surges and can get easily damaged if one occurs. So it’s a smart idea to invest in a good surge protector. But if you make the same mistake I made, you may still end up with damaged equipment. We have had a lot of thunderstorms…(Read More)

Quicken 2016

In the past few years, Intuit has done an incredibly awful job positioning Quicken, its personal finance software, on the Mac. Despite my experience with Quicken Essentials and Quicken 2015, I decided to upgrade to Quicken 2016. In this post I’ll share my first impression of the latest version and tell you if the…(Read More)

In this post I’ll show you how to redact and encrypt PDF documents using an Automator workflow, Apple Script and PDFpenPro. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about using Automator to batch-encrypt PDF files. I did some more research and came up with an even better way to protect sensitive information, including…(Read More)

Yohann iPad Stand

In this post I’ll review Yohann, an innovative and absolutely gorgeous-looking iPad stand that was originally funded on Kickstarter. It’s my favorite iPad stand yet! Most iPad stands I tried in the past had one problem in common: They held the iPad in a fixed angle. Most stands are designed to present…(Read More)

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