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Last Updated: Oct 06, 2020

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Traveling with an Apple Watch means carrying yet another charger plus accessories. That makes the goal of traveling “light” even more challenging. Twelve South has recognized that problem and created TimePorter, an innovative Apple Watch travel case that also doubles as an elegant charger.

I used to carry all charging cables and plugs in Twelve South’s BookBook Travel Journal. But I got so used to charging my Apple Watch in Nightstand Mode, that I didn’t like the idea anymore of having it lie flat on my nightstand for overnight charging.

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TimePorter: Travel case for Apple Watch

Time Porter for Apple Watch is Twelve South’s solution for frequent travelers and Apple Watch owners. The travel case is small and lightweight but has enough room for storing all important Apple Watch accessories. That includes power plugs (even the larger overseas versions), cables and extra bands. It also has a cable management system built-in and has a special opening for the charging disc of the Apple Watch charging cable. On top of that, it’s beautifully designed and looks good on pretty much any nightstand.

TimePorter for Apple Watch sets the standard for how you carry your essential Watch accessories. This gorgeous capsule is both a case and a stand that holds your charging cable, extra Watch band, USB charger and more in a neatly designed, silicone-lined case (accessories not included). Pop your charging disc into the integrated opening in TimePorter and drape Apple Watch across the top to charge. With Apple Watch resting on TimePorter, open the case to the preferred angle and TimePorter transforms into a display stand, perfect for viewing notifications and the time. (Twelve South)

I bought the white version over a year ago and used it extensively on trips all over the world. And if I didn’t have Twelve South’s Forté on my nightstand, I’d probably be using TimePorter at home as well.

Review of TimePorter

TimePorter is one of those products that have found a permanent spot in my travel bag. It only comes out when I am on the road. When it does, it fulfills its purpose by ensuring that my Apple Watch gets charged while doubling as a bedside alarm clock. I have been using TimePorter for almost a year and highly recommend it to any traveling Apple Watch owner.

Do you own TimePorter? If so, let me know how you like it by leaving a comment below!

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