Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves

Touchscreen Gloves for Men & Women – Why Mujjo Makes The Best

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Touchscreen gloves contain conductive fabric that allows you to use your smartphone or other devices with a capacitive screen while keeping your fingers protected from cold weather, snow or rain.

I live in Atlanta, GA where temperatures can drop below freezing during winter. In January of 2019, we recorded 21 degrees Fahrenheit (-6 Celsius) on the coldest day. Needless to say, I was glad I had a decent pair of gloves that didn’t get in the way of me using my phone. I owned several touch-enabled gloves in the past, but I never got genuinely excited about a pair.

For me the perfect touch screen gloves have to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Keep my fingers and hands warm,
  2. Allow me to manipulate the screens of my iPhone and Apple Watch with ease,
  3. Look stylish so that I can wear them in both formal and casual settings.

All of the gloves I had owned so far, until I discovered the ones from Mujjo, looked too sporty or were too thin to prevent cold air from penetrating the fabric and reaching my fingers. Others, such as the North Face Etip gloves, are warm enough but still look too casual for my needs.

My Mujjo Gloves

Why Do Regular Gloves Not Work With Touchscreens?

Before capacitive touchscreens became a thing, consumer device manufacturers relied on resistive technology, which registered the force of you pushing down on the screen.

The touchscreens of modern smartphones and similar devices (i.e., an Apple Watch) use a capacitive touchscreen, which has an inner- and an outer layer that conducts electricity. A middle layer acts as an insulator between these two capacitors. Your skin also conducts electricity, and so when your finger (or fingers) touch the screen, you alter the electric current. Those fluctuations in the electric field of the screen tell the software in your device the exact location(s) of where you touched it.

Plastic pens or regular gloves don’t conduct electricity, but instead, act as an insulator and thus don’t work with capacitive touchscreens.

How the touchscreen in iPhone works

How Do Touch-Enabled Gloves Work?

Touchscreen-capable fingertip gloves use traditional (non-conductive) materials in combination with a conductive coating or fibers that the manufacturer weaves into the fabric surrounding your fingertips. Many glove makers use copper or graphite as the conductive material to allow electric current flow from your fingertips, through the glove, to the screen.

The Cons Of Many Tech Gloves

All of the gloves I had in the past looked sporty and too casual compared to my traditional, non-touchscreen-enabled, leather gloves. Plus, they only had conductive fabric for my index finger and thumb. While that is usually sufficient, there were cases where having been able to use any of my other fingers, or the palm of my hand, would have been convenient.

But the primary downside of most touchscreen gloves is that they don’t keep your fingers warm and they let wind through. Mujjo has addressed all of these issues in their all-new touchscreen gloves, so continue reading to learn more.

Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves

Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves

  • Works with all five fingers and the palm of your hand
  • Sleek design
  • 3M™ Thinsulate™ insulation
  • Four-way stretch fleece for outstanding comfort and a snug fit
  • Sticky silicone lines for a secure grip
  • They are unisex and work for men and women

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Who is Mujjo?

Mujjo is an emerging Dutch designer label that I previously only knew for making iPhone leather cases. But it turns out they do so much more, including sleeves for MacBooks, Surface Laptops, and iPads as well as various types of touchscreen gloves, including the type I own.


Mujjo uses a triple-layer top that the company laminated with a 3M™ Thinsulate™ fabric to make those gloves wind-resistant. The other day, I wore these gloves while riding my biking to my CrossFit box. The temperature was just above freezing and wind was blowing while I was riding downhill. The cold wind felt uncomfortable in my face and even penetrated my workout pants. My fingers were slightly cold too but nowhere near as cold as my legs felt and I never felt like the cold air was reaching my hands.

Additionally, the company has added a fleece on the inside that stretches four ways and thus perfectly fits the shape of your hands. To me, the winter gloves feel like the Lululemon Commission pants I use for traveling.

I’m sure you know the saying “fits like a glove.” Unfortunately, most touchscreen gloves I have tried in the past don’t live up to that saying. However, the stretchy material in the Mujjo gloves provides a perfect fit. Even the cuff forms a snugly seal around your wrist to keep out the cold air.