iOS Tips: How to Quickly Select Multiple Photos

Last Updated: Sep 23, 2020

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In this post I’ll explain how to quickly select multiple photos from the Photos app in iOS using a simple swipe gesture.

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The best camera is the one you have with you. That certainly applies to my iPhone 6S*, which has become the only camera I use for photography. I take a lot of photos and videos but usually edit them right away and delete shots that aren’t worth keeping. By editing photos and deleting bad ones right away, I have usually little need to select dozens of photos at once.

Select Multiple Photos
iOS: Control Center

Then our toddler came along and learned how to master iOS devices and most of its gestures. We limit her screen time but, from time to tome, she still manages to grab one of our devices without our blessing and play around. She would swipe up to show Control Center and launch the Camera app. Then she would snap dozens of photos that we then have to clean up.

Using a Swipe Gesture to Select Multiple Photos

In the past, I selected those photos by clicking on each individually. Depending on how many photos she took, that could take a while. During the March event, when Apple announced the iPhone SE and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, I saw one of the presenters selecting multiple photos using a simple swipe gesture.

The swipe only works on a row-by-row basis but it’s still incredibly convenient and faster than having to tap on each photo individually, as I had done in the past. Once selected you can purge unwanted photos by clicking the Trash icon.

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