Review: HomeKit enabled smoke alarm from First Alert

HomeKit-enabled Smoke Alarm [OneLink Review]

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First Alert recently released Onelink; an Apple HomeKit enabled smoke alarm. I took that as an opportunity to get my feet wet with HomeKit and to start equipping our house with home automation gadgets. I reached out to First Alert, and they were so kind to send me a review unit of their HomeKit enabled Onelink smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.

What is HomeKit

HomeKit is Apple’s attempt to standardize home automation and to offer users an easy way of interacting with home automation equipment, such as smoke detectors, garage door openers, lights, etc. Apple introduced HomeKit with iOS 8, but it took a while for device manufacturers to catch on and start selling products that would integrate with Apple’s platform. For a while, I thought that HomeKit would be another CarPlay – an excellent idea and technology with lacking support from manufacturers.