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Choetech USB-C Wall Charger Review

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For the past weeks, I have tested a 72W 4-Port Choetech USB-C wall charger to see how it would compare to the Choetech 6-port Desktop Fast Charger I’ve been using in the office. After having had enough time to use it, I decided it was time for a review.

Need for a Better Charging Solution

My primary workstation in my office is a 27-inch 5k iMac, which has 4 USB-A and 2 Thunderbolt ports on the back. Those USB-A ports deliver sufficient juice to devices that don’t require much power, such as headphones or thumb drives. But they don’t provide enough current for a wireless charging pad or an iPad. Also, I can’t use them to charge my 13-inch MacBook Pro, because the iMac lacks a USB-C port.

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