Calendly vs. WhenWorks - Review of scheduling apps

Calendly vs. WhenWorks – Review of scheduling apps

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In this Calendly vs. WhenWorks review, I compare two of my favorite calendar scheduling apps that I have used for the past few months. Both scheduling tools offer unique features, which makes it difficult to pick a winner.

Why I need a calendar availability tool

As part of my sales and marketing job, I have to schedule a lot of meetings with customers, partners, and co-workers. In the past, I would waste time trying to match schedules with the people I wanted to meet.

That usually meant sending emails back and forth until all parties could agree on a day and time to hold the meeting.

That’s just an incredibly inefficient process, and that’s where meeting scheduler services, such as Cogsworth, Calendly and WhenWorks can help.

Calendly vs. WhenWorks

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