AT&T GigaPower vs. Comcast Business Class internet service

AT&T Fiber vs. Comcast Business Class internet service

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I have been a mostly satisfied Comcast Business Class customer for many years. But recently, AT&T GigaPower, the company’s superfast, fiber optics internet service came to our neighborhood in Alpharetta. I had the opportunity to try it out and compare it to Comcast Business Class.

To better understand the differences in service, I will also give you a high-level overview of the technologies used by Comcast, AT&T and other Internet Service Providers (ISPs). That’s important because the underlying technology often affects reliability and speed.

The need for speed and reliable service

I work from home and fast, and reliable internet service is crucial for my job. That’s why I switched from Comcast’s residential to the company’s business class service a few years ago.