Apple Calendar Can’t Save Event to Exchange – Fix

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In this post, I’ll explain how to fix the pesky Calendar can’t save event X to Exchange Server issue with Apple’s Calendar in OS X or macOS. The issue occurs when the Mac Calendar won’t sync with Exchange and then refuses to accept the calendar data on the server.

Calendar and Exchange

Apple’s Calendar (prev. iCal) in OS X/macOS and Microsoft Exchange do not always play together nicely. At work, we have a bunch of Mac users who had issues with our on-premise Exchange 2010. When we migrated to Office 365 the situation improved dramatically, but I still ran into the occasional problem.

One of the more annoying problems is when Calendar doesn’t allow you to make changes to an event or even delete it. But instead, it responds with the following error message: “Calendar can’t save event X to Exchange Server.

Calendar can't save to Exchange
Calendar can’t save to Exchange

The Calendar app often gives you three options: Revert to Server, Try Again and Ignore. In some