MacBook vs. MacBook Air for the traveling executive

12-inch MacBook vs. MacBook Air

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I have been a long-time MacBook Pro user but recently had the chance to work on a MacBook Air for a couple of days. The MacBook Air impressed me, and I wanted to buy one, but then Apple released the 12″ MacBook. I ended up buying the first-generation MacBook and wanted to share my impression of the MacBook vs. MacBook Air.

Apple 12-inch MacBook


Apple 13.3-inch MacBook Air


12-inch MacBook vs. MacBook Air

I recently had the opportunity to test a 13″ MacBook Air and the 12-hour battery life amazed me. That was a huge improvement over what I got used to from my 15″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

So I struggled to decide between the new MacBook and the MacBook Air. I finally decided to go with the new MacBook. I wanted to buy it the day it went on sale and thought I could just pick one up from the Apple Store. Unfortunately, I had to order it online. That was a bummer because I was flying out to Europe on Sunday and I was hoping I could bring it with me.

12-inch MacBook vs. MacBook Air review and comparison