How to copy the path of any file or folder in Finder (macOS)

How to Copy The Path of Any File in Finder

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If you are working in a team that is using shared (Dropbox) folders to collaborate, it’s sometimes necessary to point team members to where they can find an individual file or folder. Instead of sending them a link that opens in a browser, I often just want to point them to a particular file they already have in the shared folder on their computer.

So in this post, I will show you a simple method of how to copy the path of any file or folder to the clipboard via Finder. I will also show you how you can use a shell script and a simple filter in Pastebot (App Store) to remove parts of the path before pasting it automatically.

In 2014, I suggested using an Automator service to share the path of a file or folder via Finder. As it turned out, the solution is much easier, and I have to thank Daniel, one of my readers for pointing that out.

As part of my job as a technology executive, I am part of a team that uses Dropbox to share files and folders. But the methods described below work with any folder and with all Cloud providers. For example, if I am working on a new product flyer that I would like a coworker to see, I just have to point them to the correct folder in Dropbox.

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We store the raw Adobe InDesign files for our flyers in

  • /Users/mk/Dropbox/Xiting/Team Share/Collateral/Flyers/InDesign – DinA4

So if I wanted to tell a team member to check out the latest draft, I would ask them to look for it in our team share, under Collateral –> Flyers –> InDesign – DinA4. That’s a lot of repetitive typing that I would rather avoid.

How to copy the path of any file or folder in Finder (macOS)