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Burkley Leather MacBook Pro Case Review

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Burkley, a company known for high-quality leather iPhone cases has released a leather MacBook Pro case that I got to test with my Touch Bar-enabled 13-inch MacBook Pro. Continue reading to find out how durable the new sleeve is, how quickly you can take the case on and off, and how it compares to the matte-black plastic case I reviewed before.

Besides the premium look and feel of the Burkley leather sleeve, what I like most about this case is how thin and light it is.

Burkley offers its leather MacBook Pro cases in various colors and versions. I tested a soft cover in distressed antique coffee leather. For more color options and sizes, see below.

Burkley Leather MacBook Pro Case

Soft Cover for Apple Macbook Pro 13in in Distressed Antique Coffee Leather
Soft Cover for MacBook Pro in Distressed Antique Coffee Leather
  • Made from full-grain leather
  • Slick Design and lightweight
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Not compatible with my MacBook Pro Stand

$119.00 on Amazon

Materials and Craftsmanship