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How to install fonts on iPhone or iPad using iFont

Have you ever noticed that “missing font” warning when you opened a document or spreadsheet on your iOS device that was created on a Mac or Windows machine? In this article, I will show you how to fix that problem and how to install fonts on iPhone or iPad using a free app called iFont…(Read More)

Print to PDF in iOS

As part of my paperless workflow, I save a lot of documents in PDF format. Some applications don’t support “save to PDF,” but fortunately, macOS has a “print to PDF” feature that works system-wide and in any application. In this article, I will show you how to print to PDF in iOS 9…(Read More)

In this post I’ll explain how to quickly select multiple photos from the Photos app in iOS using a simple swipe gesture. iOS Tips is a new category on my blog featuring little tips and tricks to make your life with iOS easier. The best camera is the one you have with you. That…(Read More)

In this post I’ll explain how iCloud Mail Aliases influence the way the Calendar app handles invitations on iOS. The other day my wife and her good friend Yeni were planning weekend activities for the kids and invited each other to certain events using Apple’s iOS Calendar app on their iPhones. Some of…(Read More)

In this post, I’ll describe a quick and dirty way to move contacts from the famous “On My iPhone” account to iCloud. On My iPhone I’m sure you have seen those dummy accounts called “On My iPhone” or “On My Mac” when working with Contacts, Notes or Calendars. Or maybe, you have wondered…(Read More)

Wi-Fi Calling

AT&T has finally started rolling out its Wi-Fi Calling feature after having received the waiver from the FCC. Unfortunately some users get an error message saying: We can’t turn on Wi-Fi Calling for your account. Think this message is a mistake? Ask the person who can make account changes to…(Read More)

Have you ever wondered how iOS and more specifically the Health app handles and prioritizes data from multiple sources? I have an Apple Watch and an iPhone and both devices, if worn or carried at the same time, record the number of steps I take, among other data. Yet, the Health app reports the number…(Read More)

Major Bluetooth audio issues between iPhone and BMW and no CarPlay

BMW Bluetooth audio issues, such as random disconnects are affecting many users, making it difficult or impossible to stream audio (music) or to make phone calls. The good news is, you are not alone. The bad news is, there is no fix other than buying a car that has Apple CarPlay. BMW makes great cars…(Read More)