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Dropbox vs. iCloud Drive

Dropbox is without a doubt the leading cloud storage service. No other solution, including Apple’s iCloud, has come close to what Dropbox has to offer. But with the release of iOS 11 and macOS 10.13, Apple has made significant improvements to iCloud Drive. In this article, I will compare Dropbox vs. iCloud Drive…(Read More)

Spam filters are a necessary evil and it’s annoying when they don’t work as expected. Apple offers junk mail filtering in Apple Mail as well as via iCloud.com. Unfortunately those two filters are not related to each other and thus can cause troubles and frustration. Apple Mail’s Junk Mail Filter Apple…(Read More)

Deleted keyboard shortcuts (Text Replacements) keep coming back

Synchronizing keyboard shortcuts (text replacements) on iOS and macOS is incredibly unreliable. Often, deleted shortcuts keep coming back and cannot do much about it, thanks to a buggy and deprecated API called iCloud Core Data. A few years ago, I started using keyboard shortcuts (text replacements) in macOS to reduce the amount of repetitive typing…(Read More)