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The Fastest Way To Charge An iPhone (And Android)

The fastest way to charge an iPhone Xs (and others)

Table of ContentsReviewed Chargers and CablesCharging Speeds ComparedHow To Get The Fastest Charging SpeedsThe Fastest Way To Charge An iPhone Xs Despite the proliferation of wireless charging technology, you’ve probably realized by now that wireless charging is slower than using a regular cable. But even when using a cord, there are significant differences in charging … Read more

How to Use The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Toggles in Control Center

iOS 11 - How to use the new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles in Control Center

With iOS 11, Apple brought much-needed updates to the Control Center. While most toggles are relatively self-explanatory, you may be surprised to learn how the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggle work. In this article, I will explain how to use the Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Cellular Data toggles. Airplane Mode Airplane Mode works as you would … Read more

How To Take A Screenshot In macOS And Create A Dropbox Link

How to take a screenshot on macOS and create a Dropbox link

Table of ContentsBasic: How to take a screenshot using keyboard shortcutsWhere do my screenshots go?How do I change the image file typeBasic: Using Dropbox’s import featureIntermediate: How to take a screenshot using the Grab toolAdvanced: How to take a screenshot via command lineMy favorite: How to take a screenshot using the Annotate appScreen capturing optionsSettings … Read more

How to Create a Dropbox Link With AppleScript & Automator

How to create a Dropbox link for any file in Finder using Automator

Table of ContentsWhy create a Dropbox link for files outside of Dropbox?How to create a Dropbox link for any fileCreate a Dropbox AppAutomator ServiceFrequently Asked QuestionsQ: Why not leverage the Public Dropbox folder instead of the API?Q: Can you change the link sharing settings, such as expiration date and visibility?Q: How can I store uploaded … Read more

Top Mac Productivity Tips


Table of ContentsProductivity and Getting Things Done (GTD)NotificationsMy Email WorkflowInbox ManagementFilter SpamKeyboard ShortcutsReminders and Project ManagementAutomatic File Management Through HazelAbout MacSparkyRecommended Reading/Watching I’m always working on improving my productivity, so I can get things done more quickly and efficiently. That pays off with frequently recurring tasks and technologies I use every day. In this post, … Read more

Mastering Spotlight Search in El Capitan

Spotlight search

Spotlight is Apple’s answer to all your search needs in OS X. With the release of OS X 10.11 El Capitan, Apple has added additional capabilities to make Spotlight more powerful. In this post, I’ll share some tricks that make Spotlight even better at finding exactly what you’re looking for. Spotlight in a Nutshell Spotlight … Read more

How Handoff Between AirPort Base Stations Works

Handoff between AirPort Extreme Base Stations

In this post, I’ll explain how handoff works in a network with multiple Apple AirPort Extreme base stations. With the influx of connected devices in modern households, good internet connectivity has become increasingly important. Many devices are pretty useless when they are not connected to the outside world. When that happens, productivity suffers. Just think … Read more

Fitbit and HealthKit Workaround

Workaround: Fitbit support for Health app and HealthKit

Table of ContentsFitbit Aria smart scaleWorkflow to the rescueOther workflowsWhere does that leave me with Fitbit?IFTTT – A better solutionWorkaround: Fitbit support for Health app and HealthKit Fitbit has made the decision not to support Apple’s HealthKit, and it thus doesn’t integrate with the Health app. In this article, I will show you a workaround … Read more

How To Automate File Management With Hazel

I always try to automate repetitive tasks, such as filing receipts and invoices. For exactly that reason I created a script using AppleScript to help with those tasks. Now I have discovered an even better way to do that using Noodlesoft’s Hazel. After download and installation, Hazel is accessible through System Preferences or through the OS X menu … Read more

Shortcut to Create Reminders in Any Mac App

Table of ContentsHow to create reminders in Apple MailApple Script and AutomatorCreate a service in AutomatorHow to use the service in Apple MailSuppress privacy pop upHow to create reminders from any application via a global shortcutThe advantage of a global shortcutStep by Step InstructionsPermissions IssueIssues in macOS 10.14 Mojave (Beta)Shortcut to create reminders in Apple … Read more

How to create a Fusion Drive on older iMacs

Apple announced a new storage technology, called Fusion drive at an Apple Media event last October. Fusion Drive, which is available as an upgrade option in Built-to-order (BTO) iMacs and Mac Minis combines Solid State Disks with regular spinning disks, thus offering high performance and high storage capacity at the same time. Apple describes Fusion … Read more

Pinning Application to Virtual Desktops in OS X

I’m very picky when it comes to organizing my workspace and that includes my desktop. One of the features that really helps me organize my screen is virtual desktops, which  allows me to pin certain applications to certain virtual desktops, instead of having all application windows on a single screen. To add virtual desktops launch … Read more