Superfoods: Eggs and avocados - health benefits and nutritional information

Superfoods: Health benefits of eggs and avocados

Last updated on Mar 27, 2017

Eggs and avocados are my two favorite superfoods that offer a lot of health benefits. Continue reading to learn why eggs and avocados should regularly be on your plate as well.

Avocados and their health benefits

Avocados are among my favorite fruits. You heard right; avocados aren’t vegetables but fruits! What makes the avocado one of my favorite fruits is their fat content. In comparison, most other fruits have a high carbohydrate content due to fructose (fruit sugar), which I try to consume only in limited quantities.

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In a previous article, I wrote about the benefits of avocado oil, which has a lot of nutrients. But as with most refined oils, some nutrients get destroyed during the manufacturing process. The good news is, you can get all those nutrients by eating raw avocados.

Nutritional Information

Avocados have a very low glycemic index (GI) but are rich in healthy fat, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. As you may know, certain vitamins are fat-soluble. That means the body can only absorb them with fat. Thanks to the fat in the avocado, the Vitamins A and E of the avocado can be quickly absorbed. That also makes the avocado a great addition to other food that has such as essential nutrients as carotenoids or fat-soluble vitamins.

Nutrient (per 150 g)
3.00 g
12.80 g
Fat – total
21.99 g
Dietary Fiber
10.05 g


Nutrient (per 150 g)
DRI/DV (%)
Pantothenic acid
Vitamin K
Vitamin B6
Vitamin E
Vitamin C

Superfoods: Eggs and avocados - health benefits and nutritional information

How to prepare an avocado

Preparing an avocado is easy, just cut it in half, remove the seed with a knife and use a spoon to eat the creamy flesh. You can add some salt if you prefer. Besides eating the plain avocado, my favorite way to eat an avocado is to add mayonnaise. Just make sure it’s made with a healthy oil. My personal favorite is the one from Chosen Food, which is made from avocado oil. You can’t beat that combination!

My second favorite option is to make guacamole, by squashing two avocados and mixing them with lime juice, salt, and pepper. There are tons of great guacamole recipes out there, and I used to add diced onions, diced tomatoes, and more herbs but have since decided to stick to a simpler recipe.

Check out Danielle Walker’s book “Against All Grain: Meals Made Simple” for an incredible guacamole recipe and more.

For breakfast, I often slice half an avocado and enjoy it together with 4-5 eggs, some smoked salmon and a cup of coffee.

Where to buy avocados

You can find (organic) avocados pretty much in any major supermarket. We usually buy them at Whole Foods Market or Costco. When you pick avocados, make sure they are not bruised. We prefer to let them ripe at home another day or two instead of buying them when they are already soft to the touch. If you like guacamole but don’t want to spend time making it, Costco sells organic, ready-to-eat guacamole in individually wrapped bags. We bought them a lot in the past, but unfortunately, they contain onions, and my stomach is no friend of them.

I never had avocado until I moved to the United States, but I tried to convince my Austrian family to start eating avocados. Unfortunately, the avocados we have bought in Austria so far suck, to be blunt.

If you have never tried avocados before, I encourage you to give them a shot as they may become your favorite fruit too! For more information on the benefits of avocados check out

This article is part of a new series that gives special recognition to food that’s particularly nutritious and thus is on my personal list of “superfoods.” Let me introduce you to eggs, a food full of protein, healthy fat, and nutrients.

Superfoods: Eggs and avocados - health benefits and nutritional information

Superfoods: Eggs and Cholesterol

Eggs used to get a bad rep because of their cholesterol, which was thought to increase blood cholesterol levels. Today we know, that there is little scientific evidence to suggest that dietary cholesterol is associated with increased risk for coronary heart disease (CHD).

Nutritional information

One large egg has 6.3 g of protein, 5.0 g of fat and only 0.4 g of carbs. It’s an excellent source of vitamins (Vitamin A, Riboflavin, Vitamin B12, Folate, Pantothenic Acid and Choline) and minerals (Iron and Phosphorus).

Total Fat
5.0 g
Total Protein
6.3 g
Total Carbohydrates
0.4 g


Vitamin A
Vitamin D
Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol)
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Pantothenic Acid



*DV indicates the daily value. More information about nutritional data of eggs is available here.

How to prepare eggs

In our family, we eat eggs almost every day for breakfast and sometimes in the evening too. I usually eat five eggs for breakfast and have been doing that for over a year. Needless to say, I have healthy blood cholesterol levels. I usually enjoy my eggs sunny-side up, but we sometimes make an egg casserole that would last almost all week. For a great recipe, check out Danielle Walker’s new book “Celebrations.” The good thing about eggs is that you can prepare them in so many different ways and with a variety of side dishes. When we started having eggs for breakfast, our primary concern was that we would grow sick of them quickly. But after more than a year, both my wife and I are looking forward to our eggs in the morning.

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Superfoods: Eggs and avocados - health benefits and nutritional information
Kathy’s egg casserole

Buying eggs

When we buy eggs, we look for organic eggs from pasture-raised hens that weren’t fed any antibiotics. When pasture-raised isn’t an option, we look for free-range eggs, such as the ones Costco sells. One thing I have noticed is that the yolk of eggs from Austria is much darker/saturated than the one from eggs in the US. Not sure if that’s an indication of quality, but I certainly noticed.

Superfoods: Eggs and avocados

Eggs and avocados are among the most nutrient-dense foods out there. Eggs, despite the bad rep they got in the past, offer a ton of health benefits. The egg white is full of protein, and the egg yolk is an excellent source of fat and nutrients. So don’t hesitate to have an egg in the morning…or five! Avocados are an incredible source of healthy fat, and they contain a lot of vitamins and other essential nutrients. My favorite breakfast combo consists of four eggs, sunny-side-up, with a sliced avocado, smoked salmon and a cup of coffee. For me, there is no better way to start the day. Try it out!

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