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Previous Newsletter Issues

Healthy Living Newsletter #13

Healthy Living Newsletter #13

2021 is off to a fast start, and it’s bringing a many exciting changes to the Kummer household — including more bees, more meat, and (best of all) chickens!

Reported COVID deaths in the United States

Healthy Living Newsletter #12

Over the past several months, I’ve grown increasingly upset about how both our elected officials and the media have been trying to scare the shit out of us by spinning scientific evidence and filtering raw data related to the latest of seven coronaviruses that can infect people.

michael with a useless mask

Healthy Living Newsletter #11

In this issue, I’ll talk about my experience while traveling during COVID-19, how stress impacts my sex drive, and the new stuff I’m currently working on.

Michael getting ready to be a beekeeper

Healthy Living Newsletter #6

In this issue, I show you proof that we are serious about becoming beekeepers and tell you about the investments I’ve made in my YouTube studio.

Dave Asprey on Whole Foods ad

Healthy Living Newsletter #4

In this issue I discuss my sister-in-law COVID-19 infection, junk food that’s promoted and handed out to first responders and all the new content on my blog and YouTube channel.