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Home Automation: Review of Wi-Fi enabled LED smart lights from LIFX

I just recently got my feet wet with home automation technology from First Alert and Ecobee. The expansion to Wi-Fi enabled lights was the natural next step. So in this article, I will review smart LED lights from LIFX. When I told my wife that I would review one of those new smart lights…(Read More)

Factor 75 - A Paleo-friendly meal delivery service

Meal delivery services, such as Blue Apron or Freshly have gained increased popularity over the past few years. But none of them has met the requirements of my Paleo-influenced dietary lifestyle. A few weeks ago, I stumbled across Factor 75, a healthy meal delivery service that offers dairy-free, Ketogenic and Paleo-friendly meal…(Read More)

Tidy up your desk with HiRise 2 and BackPack by Twelve South

Despite best efforts, my desk has a natural tendency to get cluttered. Some of it is just temporary, like a new gadget I am reviewing. Other clutter is longer-lived and thus harder to get rid of. In this article, I will show how I uncluttered my desk from cables and self-adhesive strips with…(Read More)

AT&T GigaPower vs. Comcast Business Class internet service

I have been a mostly satisfied Comcast Business Class customer for many years. But recently, AT&T GigaPower, the company’s superfast, fiber optics internet service came to our neighborhood in Alpharetta. I had the opportunity to try it out and compare it with Comcast Business Class. To better understand the differences in service…(Read More)

I prefer to travel light, even if that means a trip to the local grocery store. When I leave the house, I usually have with me my car keys, iPhone, and a wallet. In this article, I will review minimalist wallets from Burkley and ÖGON, and compare how they stack up against the Smooth Wallet…(Read More)

Review: Growing Step Stool for toddlers and kids by Little Partners

Our toddler likes to do everything on her own, including brushing her teeth and using the bathroom. But she isn’t tall enough to reach, for example, the faucet to wash her hands. For us to allow her to be more independent and do things on her own, she needs a step stool. We have…(Read More)

Review: Onelink Environment monitor for the nursery or kids room

The Onelink Environment Monitor by First Alert monitors a room’s temperature and humidity and doubles as a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm. It is ideal for nurseries or kids rooms, but you can use it in any other room. In this review, I will explain the benefits the Onelink Environment Monitor provides in our home…(Read More)

Review: Twelve South charging stand for wireless headphones

Fermata, by Twelve South, is the world’s first charging stand for wireless headphones. I had the opportunity to use it during the last few weeks and here is my review. Shop mentioned products Fermata charging stand by Twelve South (Amazon) Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones (Amazon) I am a big fan of the Bose…(Read More)

Review of two wine clubs that ship to Georgia - Cellars Wine Club and Naked Wines

Thanks to complicated shipping laws in the United States, not all wine clubs ship to all states. In fact, many wine clubs don’t ship to Georgia at all, including the well-known WSJwine, the wine club of the Wall Street Journal. Fortunately, there are a few wine clubs that ship to Georgia, and I…(Read More)

Review: Kanex GoPower USB-C portable battery pack for 12-inch MacBook

The Kanex GoPower USB-C portable battery pack is a slick, lightweight and versatile companion for the 12-inch MacBook and other USB-C equipped devices. As a bonus, it can charge a MacBook and a phone simultaneously. I usually travel light and with the least amount of gadgets in my backpack. That was one…(Read More)

Grammarly - Advanced grammar and spell checker

Grammarly is an advanced grammar and spell checker for the English languages. It helps me to write better copy at work and in my capacity as a blogger. If you write as much as I do, I would highly recommend to check it out. The need for an advanced grammar checker Let’s face it…(Read More)

Review: HomeKit enabled smoke alarm from First Alert

First Alert recently released Onelink; an Apple HomeKit enabled smoke alarm. I took that as an opportunity to get my feet wet with HomeKit and to start equipping our house with home automation gadgets. I reached out to First Alert, and they were so kind to send me a review unit of their HomeKit enabled…(Read More)