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Review: Forté for Apple Watch

Last updated on Mar 5, 2017

In this post I’ll review Forté for Apple Watch, a luxury stand and charging dock made by Twelve South.

Forté for Apple Watch
Image by Twelve South

The first stand I bought for my Apple Watch Sport was a Spigen Charging Dock made of aluminum. It looked good and was light weight. Unfortunately, it could hold the Apple Watch only in portrait mode. When Apple introduced Nightstand Mode via a software update, I had to get a new stand that would support it.

Forté for Apple Watch
Image by Apple

Forté for Apple Watch by Twelve South

I had made a good experience with products from Twelve South in the past and when they released a brand-new charging dock called Forté for Apple Watch that would support Nightstand Mode, I had to give it a try. As an added benefit, the Forté has a padded leather base to hold your iPhone while the Apple Watch is charging.

Forté for Apple Watch is a luxury stand and charging dock carefully designed to match the timeless beauty of Apple Watch, from shape and standards, to fit and finish. Forte elegantly displays your Watch atop the brilliant chrome stand while protecting your band with a buttery soft, top grain leather wrapped base. Forté works seamlessly with your Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable. The 40-degree angle of the Forté arm allows for easy bedside viewing in either Portrait or Nightstand mode. Forté accommodates all Watch bands, from closed-loop Link Bracelets to two-piece styles and Sport models.

The Good

Forté is a beautifully crafted charging dock made of high-quality materials. It is and feels very solid and it blends in nicely with existing furniture and decor.

Impressed by quality and usability, I got two of them. One is on my nightstand, to charge my Apple Watch over night and the other one is on the counter in our bathroom, without charging cable attached.

  • It is heavy enough to hold your Apple Watch securely without tipping over
  • Outstanding craftsmanship and build quality
  • Excellent cable management
  • Supports both portrait and landscape mode
  • Convenient viewing angle, even when you’re lying in bed

The Bad

The Forté has a couple of minor issues that I’d like to point out. Those issues didn’t become clear immediately but only over time.

  • There is a risk of knocking the Apple Watch off the dock when you remove the iPhone from the padded leather base
  • Forté charging disc ring feels cheap
  • Without a charging disc (and its magnetic force) the Apple Watch is not secured properly

I usually place my charging iPhone on the Forté’s base over night. Between the iPhone and the Apple Watch band, there is not a lot of room, even if the band is closed. So when grabbing my iPhone at night or in the morning, the iPhone touches the watch’s band and knocks it off the dock.

That happened to me several times already and it’s really annoying. The problem is exacerbated when the iPhone is connected to a charging cable because you are more likely to remove the iPhone from the base at an angle, thus increasing the likelihood of touching the watch band.

Sometimes when that happens, the Forté charging disc ring gets dislodged as well and disappears under my bed.

There are a couple of things you can do to reduce the risk of this happening, including:

  • Keep the iPhone level while sliding it out from under the watch
  • Use a sufficiently long Lightning cable so you don’t have to angle the iPhone when taking it off the base
  • Make sure the charging disc is positioned close enough to the Apple Watch. The magnetic force helps keeping the watch securely docked

The second issue I noticed with the Forté is minor and cosmetic. The body of the Forté is so heavy, but the Forté charging disc ring is really light and feels cheap. Twelve South explains that in its FAQ:

The Forté charging disc ring secures the Apple Charging disk in place. It is made of chromed polycarbonate to protect the back of the metal Apple Watch and keep it safe from scratches or direct contact with the metal portions of Forté.


Overall, I’m very satisfied with the Forté but I wish there was a bit more space between the base and the charging disc, to reduce the risk of knocking the watch off the dock when removing the iPhone from the base. Nevertheless, it’s so far the best Apple Watch charging dock I have seen and used and I would recommend it to friends and family. The Forté is available in Apple Stores as well as on

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