Sponsoring Opportunities

I offer very limited sponsoring opportunities for brands to advertise their products and services.

To better understand whether my blog is the right platform for your brand or content, and to learn how many visitors my blog attracts each month, please visit my about page.

If you are interested in submitting an educational guest blog article that doesn’t link back to any brand, product or service, please check out my Guest Blogging Opportunities page.

Sponsored Article or Guest Post

You can submit an article that includes references to your products or services, and have it published on my blog. For an additional fee, I can write the content for you.

All sponsored articles are subject to quality control and have to meet the following requirements:

  • Well-written, unique and informative content
  • Long enough to cover the subject in depth (see below for more info)
  • Adequately structured using standard HTML headline tags (H2-H5)
  • Includes a 1200×628 pixel featured image and multiple relevant content images with a resolution of at least 1000×500 pixels
  • Title with 75 characters or less
  • Meta description with ~155 characters
  • May contain rel=”sponsored” links to sponsored products or services

Sponsored Article Process

To get started, please send me an email with the proposed topic and the primary keywords you want to write about.

If I accept the topic, I’ll run the keywords through Clearscope and tell you how many words your article needs and what keywords and sub-topics you need to cover for the article to be competitive. I will also tell you the fee for publishing your article.

If you agree to my terms, you may send me a draft of your article, which I’ll run through Clearscope again. If it passes the analysis, I’ll ask you to submit your payment before I’ll publish the article.

Please note that all links to brands, products and services are marked as rel=”sponsored” as per Google’s guidelines. I won’t do rel=”dofollow” for sponsored links, so don’t bother asking.

Banner or Link Placement

I also offer limited ad space on my blog, including:

  • Vertical sidebar banner
  • Horizontal in-content banners
  • Content link (inline)

Your banner or link will be the only one in the target area (i.e., the sidebar), will be visible to all visitors, and it will stay up for one month.

The fee for a banner or link placement is $450.00 and links are tagged with rel=sponsored.

Additional Information

I don’t publish or link to content related to gambling, adult entertainment, religion, or other shady categories. All sponsored content is clearly marked as such and in compliance with the regulations of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

If you are interested in a sponsorship please contact me using the form below. Remember to include URL would you like to promote.

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