Guest Blogging Opportunities

Guest Blogging Opportunities

I offer limited guest blogging opportunities to brands and freelance writers. To better understand if my blog is the right platform for your brand or content, and to learn how many visitors my blog attracts each month, please visit my about page.


If you would like to write an educational article that does not blatantly promote your (or affiliated) brands, products, or services, please feel free to submit your idea or draft. If you are interested in sponsoring an article, please check out my Sponsoring Opportunities page.

Please note that I have strict quality guidelines for all content I publish and little time to make edits and corrections. As a result, make sure your article adheres to the below requirements. If not, I’ll reject it.

  • Has the potential to rank on the first page of Google,
  • Well-written, unique, informative, and epic content,
  • Epic means, the article needs to be better than anything that is currently out there,
  • Contain no spelling or grammar errors,
  • 1,500 words in length minimum, but many topics may require 2-5k words,
  • May contain up to two DoFollow links,
  • Adequately structured using standard HTML headline tags (H2-H5),
  • Includes a 1200×628 pixel feature image and multiple, relevant content images with a resolution of at least 1000×500 pixels,
  • Catchy title with 75 characters or less,
  • Meta description with ~155 characters,
  • Contains outbound links to trusted and authoritative sources,
  • Includes references and links to scientific studies (for health and fitness articles),
  • Follows SEO best-practices.

Before submitting your article, I highly recommend having it proof-read by someone else and checking it with an advanced spell checker, such as Grammarly. The first thing I do after I have received your draft is to paste the article into Grammarly. If I see any glaring errors, I immediately reject it. So save us both the time and hassle and check it before!

Together with your article submission, please submit the keyword(s) you have targeted and proof that you did keyword research, such as a report or screenshot from Also submit information about how well your previous articles rank on Google.

Additional Information

Please note that the submission of a guest blog article does not guarantee that I will publish it and I reserve the right to reject any content for any reason or no reason at all. In particular, I do not post articles referencing topics related to gambling, religion, adult content, etc.

If you are interested in submitting a guest blog article, please contact me using the form below.