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Lucas - Photo by Eva Sulima

It is hard to believe that more than a year has passed since our baby boy Lucas was born prematurely at Northside Hospital at the end of an eventful pregnancy. As we did with Isabella, Lucas’ older sister, we went to our favorite newborn photographer, Eva Sulima, for a photo shoot with him. Click on…(Read More)

iPhone 7 Underwater

The iPhone 7 is Apple’s first water-resistant iPhone. Apple rates the iPhone 7 as IP67, which means it can be submerged under water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter. That does not make the iPhone 7 an underwater camera. I took my iPhone 7 Plus under water regardless. A perfect…(Read More)

iPhone 7 Plus camera

As I wrote in my previous article about the iPhone 7, its new camera was one of the driving factors in my decision to upgrade. I have had a couple of more days to shoot photos, and I’m thoroughly impressed by the performance of the iPhone 7 Plus camera. iPhone 7 Plus camera in…(Read More)

Washington D.C.

Our first family trip to the nation’s capital was in February of 2015, when the city was hit by a massive snow storm. The weather at the time made it difficult to fully enjoy what Washington D.C. had to offer, so we decided to come back this year in summer. Lucas wasn’t…(Read More)

Apple has considerably improved its iCloud Photo Library since it became available as part of OS X 10.10 Yosemite and iOS 8. As a former Aperture user, I did have some concerns that I managed to work through, and I found workarounds for issues like sharing libraries with family members. Nevertheless, iCloud Photo Library…(Read More)

iPhone Photography

Every time my parents visit us from Austria, they usually spend a few extra days (with or without us) in a city they haven’t visited yet. This year we decided to all fly to our nation’s capital for some sightseeing, fully expecting half-decent weather. We were greeted with a snowstorm (in Austria…(Read More)

Kenu Stance

I’m not a huge accessory fan but from time to time I come across something that is worth writing about. The Kenu Stance (Amazon) for the iPhone (now also available for Android and Windows phones) is one such accessory. The Kenu Stance is basically a super versatile mini tripod that plugs into the lightning…(Read More)

Note: For the sake of simplicity I mean iPhoto/Aperture when I say Aperture below, because most of what I say is true for both applications. With Apple’s introduction of iCloud Photo Library and the decision to drop Aperture in favor of a new Photos app for OS X (to be released in early…(Read More)

Ever since I have written about iPhone Photography, I have shot more and more with my iPhone, leaving my Nikon D7000 to collect dust. I especially liked the filters that Instagram provided but at the same time I didn’t like the fact that I had to share my photos on Instagram. Switching the iPhone…(Read More)

We recently spent a long weekend in Punta Cana (Dominican Republic). Unlike at our last mini-vacation in Guanacaste (Costa Rica) and despite having to carry all the baby gear, we decided to bring more equipment this time, including the Nikon D7000, the GoPro Hero2, the Sony HDR-PJ790V in addition to our iPhone’s…(Read More)

Earlier this year I had to go to Chennai, India for work. Delta and Skyteam don’t have a direct flight into Chennai and so we had a layover in Dubai. The flight from Atlanta to Dubai is about 15 hours, so I didn’t mind the layover and neither did Kathy and Isabella. Most…(Read More)

When I found out that we’d have a baby I knew I would be taking tons of pictures. I just didn’t expect to take most of them with my iPhone. I did however start out with an improvised newborn shooting using my Nikon D7000 and some of the other photography equipment I own…(Read More)