Muscle Pain: Why Athletes are Into Percussion Therapy

Last Updated: May 23, 2021

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Is muscle pain coming in the way of your fitness goals? Are you looking to relieve muscle soreness? Luckily, we have the solution for you.

Say goodbye to those days when your muscles are overused and you can’t move after intense sessions of physical exercise. All thanks to the best percussion therapy that you get by using modern devices like Exogun.

Your muscles need attention and recovery after you do sports or any type of physical exercise. If you are not giving your body all the attention and care that it needs, your body will not care about you either. 

It is now time to reevaluate your decisions. For your convenience, this article will guide you thoroughly about the entire procedure of percussion therapy.

Muscle Soreness

I think it’s safe to say that anyone who has exercised before has also experienced muscle soreness. No one is immune to body soreness, not even the most renowned athletes.

The more physical activity you do, the more stress your muscles will undergo. This stress can cause microscopic damage to the muscle fibers, making them sore the next day. 

Muscle soreness can make things challenging for you as you need adequate time to properly recover your muscles before you can start working out again.

Recovery is a crucial part of a balanced fitness routine and is just as important as exercise itself. It is particularly important to maximize your blood circulation and tender muscles before and/or after exercise to avoid injuries, minimize soreness, and speed up muscle recovery time.

This is where the role of percussion therapy comes into play.

About Percussion Therapy

Percussion therapy has changed the game for all athletes and fitness people alike. Percussion therapy works by providing pressure to concentrated areas of the body through pulses that reach deep into the body tissues.

The rapid pressure provided in percussion therapy helps clear out toxins like lactic acid and relax stiff muscles. The pressure also enhances the blood circulation in the affected areas and leads to a quick recovery.

Not only this, but your body flexibility and performance also improves because of the relaxation of stiff muscles and the gentle stretching the therapy provides through the relief on joints.

By getting percussion therapy, your body tissues relax, your scar tissues and knots are broken down, the overall circulation in the veins and lymphatic system enhances, and your range of movement increases. With these benefits, more and more athletes are incorporating percussion therapy in their workout routine.

Why is Percussion Therapy Better than the Traditional Message?

Percussion therapy is more efficient than a traditional massage

Traditional massage uses human hands, which makes the processing time-consuming and delays the immediately required treatment. Human hands can’t penetrate up to the targeted areas of the body, and cannot provide the strength required for proper treatment.

In most of the cases, it can also be painful when not done right. 

Percussion therapy is 30 times more effective than traditional massage. This therapy is particularly useful for athletes, people suffering from chronic pain, or post-recovery from injury.  

This modern therapy uses a handheld device and relieves pain in the target area of the body with concentrated but short-duration pulses of pressure, more intense and powerful than what hands can provide. 

The best part is, you can do percussion therapy yourself without the help of others. You don’t want to be spending hundreds on massage treatment or be traveling back and forth while you are sore or injured. Save yourself time and money and treat yourself at home (or anywhere you want) with a percussive massaging device.

The Benefits of Percussion Therapy

Percussion therapy increases oxygen distribution in your body and breaks up painful, rigid muscle tissue that blocks circulation and causes pain, limited range of motion and inflammation.

With improved blood circulation, your body will have the resources and nutrients it needs to recover quicker. Today, it is not only used for post-workout recovery, but it is also commonly used as a pre-workout warm-up at a lesser intensity to prepare and warm up the muscles.

As your targeted muscle group gets balanced and more relaxed, it improves your body posture and energizes your body. Moreover, it reduces stress, anxiety, and fatigue. In a nutshell, percussion therapy can relieve pain and prepare your body muscles to perform better in the future.

The Importance of Percussive Therapy Instrument

Exogun is one of the most powerful percussion massager guns on the market

If you want to get better and see results, you must use quality instruments. When it comes to percussion therapy, the instrument that is used is a handheld device. 

A good, high-quality fitness tool makes sure you can get better quicker and see positive results. The percussion massage gun that we suggest you use is ExoGun.

Known as one of the most powerful percussion massager guns, Exogun can allow you to customize your treatment and has ShockSmart Sensitivity that allows each stroke to react to the condition on your muscle to deliver the exact percussive strength you need.

This is the perfect feature for first-time users or people who are not comfortable with using percussion massage guns. 


Percussion therapy is getting all the attention these days because of all the right reasons. With all these amazing benefits surrounding percussion therapy, don’t make your poor, sore muscles wait any longer! Get yours now!

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