Raising children is arguably one of the most difficult jobs you will ever have. I talk about the challenges of having a premature baby, tips, and tricks on how to handle bedtime, as well as the latest scientific research on brain development and behavior.

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A fun way to teach kids STEAM and STEM skills through play

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) are essential skills every kid should learn. But how do you make those topics accessible, engaging and fun, especially for younger kids? KiwiCo has set out to solve this problem by developing age-appropriate activities “in a box,” they call crates, to inspire the next generation of scientists…(Read More)

This is why you must keep your baby’s crib free of toys and blankets

My wife Kathy recently shared the story of Jordan DeRosier with me. Her 7-months old baby boy suffocated and died because of a blanket she put into his crib for bedtime. This is a tragic and heartbreaking story that shall remind us to keep baby’s crib free of toys, blankets, and crib bumpers…(Read More)

Introducing infants to table food is usually a messy undertaking. More often than not, food and sometimes the whole plate ends up on the dining room floor. That’s normal as infants learn new things through play. But that doesn’t mean, you shouldn’t teach your little one not to throw down food. Ezpz…(Read More)

Review: Growing Step Stool for toddlers and kids by Little Partners

Our toddler likes to do everything on her own, including brushing her teeth and using the bathroom. But she isn’t tall enough to reach, for example, the faucet to wash her hands. For us to allow her to be more independent and do things on her own, she needs a step stool. We have…(Read More)

Survival swimming classes for kids – SwimKids of Georgia

Infant survival swimming classes are an excellent and fun way for kids to reduce the risk of accidental drowning and to make them more comfortable in the water. Babies can start taking survival swimming lessons at as early as six months of age. But what about babies who were born prematurely (preemies)? When Isabella was…(Read More)

Challenges of raising a premature baby - NICU to one year

In this article, I would like to share some of the challenges of raising a premature baby (preemie) as we experienced them with our little boy. I hope that it may help other parents who have a premature baby to worry a little less. Lucas was born prematurely nine months ago at Northside Hospital at…(Read More)

Bedtime tips when the toddler and baby share a room

Both my wife and I grew up sharing a room with our siblings. Sharing with siblings isn’t always fun, but it provides valuable lessons for life. We want our kids to understand early in life what it means to share. And once Lucas turned six months and started sleeping 12 hours at night, we…(Read More)

Bugaboo Cameleon3

Stroller Review: Bugaboo Cameleon3

Last updated on Apr 27, 2017

As mentioned in my post about Baby Accessories, here is my review of the Bugaboo Cameleon3. Bugaboo calls it the “iconic stroller”. Read on to find out if it really deserves that title. We started shopping for a stroller about 3 years ago, before Isabella was born. As new parents, we knew little about what…(Read More)

Baby essentials list for newborns and first-time parents

I put this baby essentials list for newborns and first-time parents together based on products that have worked well for us and thus we highly recommend. When you’re expecting your first child, everything is super exciting, including going shopping for your baby. But given the overwhelming amount of baby accessories available, it’s…(Read More)

Nipple confusion - How we got our baby back on the breast

Breastfeeding is hard work, for both baby and mom, and by far not as easy as most people think. Add issues, such as nipple confusion, to the equation, and you have a recipe for frustration. In this article, I will share the nipple confusion issues we had with our baby girl and how we got…(Read More)

How to soothe crying babies with swaddling and white noise

Having a new baby is chaotic and stressful, even more so, if the baby doesn’t stop crying and you don’t know how to make him or her stop. Don’t worry; there are a couple of proven techniques that will sooth almost every crying baby. In this article, I will show you how…(Read More)

Isabella Pregnancy Parenthood

Parenting stories, especially those of first-time parents, are often fun and full of valuable information about mistakes and lessons learned. So we decided to publish our parenting story about our pregnancy, the birth of our daughter and the first few months of the newborn phase. Our hope is that it may help other parents…(Read More)

The journey of our preemie in the NICU of Northside Hospital

They say every pregnancy is different. I guess they are right. This is the story of our second pregnancy that ended abruptly in the NICU of Northside Hospital at week 30 and six days. Our preemie Lucas was born prematurely and stayed in the hospital for almost two months. Our second pregnancy This post is…(Read More)

Top parenting tips and mistakes for infants and toddlers

Parenting an infant, and especially a toddler is challenging. So in this article, I would like to share our top parenting tips and mistakes based on the experience we have made with our daughter Isabella. All in all, I think we have been incredibly lucky with Isabella – so far. She has never been a…(Read More)