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3 Exercises Women Should Do Instead of Back Squats!

Instagram has made back squats the most famous exercise for women to do. But- should it be? Back squats are great for women who have had proper coaching and years of experience with different forms of training. Women who believe that they can start their fitness journey by hitting the squat rack and shaping their…(Read More)

6 ways to protect yourself against cybercrime

If anyone of you has seen the popular sci-fi anthology series “Black Mirror” on Netflix, there is an episode in the third season of the show named “Shut up and Dance” which is set in the present day. It explores the devastating effects of how invasive malware can be used against a person who…(Read More)

8 Healthy Foods to Eat Before and After Exercise@2x

If you’re not taking care of your diet, then you won’t be getting the most from your body during exercise. Many people think that as long as they hit their 3-4 workouts each week regularly, then they can eat whatever they want. However, your diet doesn’t just affect how you look…(Read More)

Soundbars vs Home Theater Speakers - How To Decide - Guest Blog

How to get the best quality of sound from your television? The age-old question that most of us ask ourselves at some point in life. Television has advanced drastically regarding display technology. However, it has come at a cost. As TVs get slimmer, they don’t have the capacity to produce the sound that…(Read More)

The 5 top tech solutions for sleeping disorders in 2018

We live in a constant rush. We’re always on the move, which can lead to a lack of awareness about our surroundings and even ourselves. On top of that, our brains are now trained to overthink, and our bodies expected to overdo. These bad habits take an enormous toll on many of us when…(Read More)

Taxes for expats - How to handle taxes while living abroad

Did you know that all US citizens and holders of permanent resident cards (Green cards) have to file US taxes on their worldwide income? In this article, sponsored by Taxes for Expats (TFX), I’ll take a closer look at expat tax rules and how domestic tax experts, such as TFX, can make the filing…(Read More)

How to Promote Weight Loss in Overweight Kids? Fighting Childhood Obesity: 5 Tips You Need to Know

Isn’t the rate of increase in obesity among children alarming? Is your child overweight, and you are getting worried about their fitness and health? The trend of kids becoming overweight has stirred curiosity among health practitioners and parents in recent times. The problems associated with obesity do not just end with the difficulty of…(Read More)

How to get to know yourself by cutting out noise

In this guest blog, the artist Jeremy Gilbertson offers practical suggestions of how to get to know yourself better. By cutting out noise, Jeremy demonstrates how to find time for oneself and others. Everybody has an inner voice. The challenge lies in our ability to discern its light tones amidst an orchestra of competing noise…(Read More)

Although being an entrepreneur and having a side hustle is “in-style” nowadays, they are rarely as glamorous as portrayed on social media and television. If you searched #entrepreneur or #sidehustle on Instagram, you would see nothing but beaches, piles of money, and expensive cars. Unfortunately, this is not reality for 99.8% of entrepreneurs…(Read More)