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Holiday Gift Guide

If you are anything like my wife, who struggles with deciding what to give me for Christmas or my birthday and who ignores me every year when I say “I don’t need anything mi amor”, this holiday gift guide is for you. I am pretty simple when it comes to gifts. I like anything…(Read More)

Lightning strike - surge protector

Most electronic devices are very sensitive to electrical power surges and can get easily damaged if one occurs. So it’s a smart idea to invest in a good surge protector. But if you make the same mistake I made, you may still end up with damaged equipment. We have had a lot of thunderstorms…(Read More)

black slime faucet

Have you ever noticed dark-brown or black slime on your bathroom fixtures, such as faucets, spouts, aerators, shower heads or in toilet bowls? In this post, I’ll explain what is causing it and how to deal with the problem. I was born and raised in Salzburg (Austria), which is not only known for…(Read More)

I have to admit, customer service in the US is top-notch compared to good old Europe. That’s at least the experience I have made since I came here eight years ago. The only companies I have had issues with worth mentioning are Comcast (no surprise there), Intuit (makers of Quicken and Quickbooks) and…(Read More)