Running stroller review: BOB Ironman after two years and two kids

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Inspired by my workout buddy, I decided to buy a running stroller, when our daughter turned six months. I have used it a lot since then, and in this post, I’d like to share my review of and experience with the BOB Ironman Running Stroller.

For some people having kids is an excuse to work out less or not at all. I saw the arrival of our daughter as an opportunity to work out even more. I chose running as my workout routine because I could take her with me and give my wife a break. Besides, what baby doesn’t like to be pushed around in a stroller while getting some fresh air? As an added benefit, the more weight she gained over time, the more difficult it became pushing her up those inclines along my favorite jogging route.

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Why A Running Stroller?

The main differences between a regular and a running stroller are:

  • Better suspension and larger, air-filled tires for better ride comfort
  • Single, fixed front wheel for increased stability

These key features are especially important if you run on any surface that’s not perfectly flat and even. You could probably use a regular stroller if you ran on a flat surface but for anything else you want a good suspension and a single/fixed front wheel and large air-filled tires.

Review: BOB Ironman Running Stroller
BOB Ironman 2016

BOB Ironman

Before making any “significant” purchasing decision, I usually do extensive research. But in this case, I relied on the research my buddy had done, and so I just went with the yellow version of the BOB Ironman Single Stroller. I don’t regret this decision as the BOB Ironman is a great running stroller that hasn’t given me any troubles so far.

Lean and mean, this BOB is born to run. Selected to be the official stroller of the IRONMAN Triathlon.

The BOB Ironman is a relatively light-weight but sturdy running stroller that’s comfortable for both the passenger as well as the person pushing it. Assembly took only a few minutes and consisted mostly of attaching the wheels and front fender.

Running with the BOB Ironman

It takes some getting used to running without your arms swinging. With both ha