UNICO Gemini - Vegan Meal Replacement

Unico Gemini Meal Replacement Review: Great Formula & Bold Flavor

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Vegan Meal replacement products seem to be all the rage these days. In this review I will take a closer look at the latest meal replacement to pique my interest — the new Gemini plant-based meal replacement solution made by boutique nutrition brand Unico.

In this review I will analyze the ingredients, the flavors (including texture), and offer my opinion on where this product stacks up against others that I have tried.

Gemini is a brand-new plant-based vegan meal replacement solution from LA-based boutique wellness-brand UNICO Nutrition Inc.

This product is the first in UNICO’s new ‘From Afar’ product line — a new product set that expands the brands’ offering beyond the sports nutrition products that I had known them for previously.

UNICO reports that Gemini is:

Designed for individuals seeking whole-food-based, nutrient-dense nourishment for when busy schedules do not allow for a formal meal.

Given the amount of time that my kids, my blog, and my fitness routine takes, I was intrigued to see if this product could fit into my lifestyle and be a useful part of my regimen. 

The product comes in three flavors (Haley’s Vanilla, Cosmic Chocolate, & Wild Berry Dreams), all of which are available through company’s website uniconutrition.com.

So let’s take a deep dive on the product from a technical and nutritional standpoint. 

Gemini Formulation

When I get any new meal replacement product I like to begin by turning it immediately over to the supplement facts. This is where you can tell the most important information and really find out if the product is healthy.

What I found upon examining Gemini is that it has an interesting blend of organic proteins