Paleo On The Go (POTG)

Paleo On The Go Review – Paleo Comfort Food Delivered

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Paleo On The Go (POTG) is a healthy meal delivery service that specializes in Paleo and Ketogenic dishes that are also compatible with the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP).

Paleo On The Go delivers traditional comfort food but with a healthy twist. As a result, you get delicious, wholesome, and Paleo AIP-friendly dishes that can help you to lose weight but without ingredients that have the potential to irritate your gut.

As part of my review, I had the chance to try five of the almost eighty Paleo AIP meals the company offers.

Overall Rating

In March of 2019, POTG announced their partnership with Whole30. As a result, their meals are now officially Whole30 approved.

What is Whole30?

Think of the Whole30 like pushing the reset button for your health, habits and relationship with food. For thirty days, you’ll eat nothing but nutrient dense, whole foods. You’ll eliminate foods that nutritional science and clinical experience have shown to promote unhealthy cravings and habits, disrupt your metabolism, damage your digestive tract, and burden your immune system. After thirty days you’ll carefully and systematically reintroduce those foods, paying attention to how they affect you in a variety of ways like mood, energy, digestion, body composition and more. With that knowledge, you can create the perfect diet for you: a nutrition plan that is balanced, sustainable and keeps you looking, feeling and living your best.

About Paleo On The Go

Started in 2012, Paleo On The Go is a healthy meal delivery service with its operation based out of Largo, Florida. POTG tries to differentiate itself from other Paleo food delivery services by sourcing organic ingredients from local farms that the company regularly visits. The founder of Paleo On The Go has been on the Paleo diet for over ten years, and its executive chef has previously worked at numerous restaurants across the country.

Loaded Baked Sweet Potato Soup
Loaded Baked Sweet Potato Soup

As you can see in my roundup of Paleo Meal Delivery Services, I have reviewed many such services, but POTG piqued my interest because all of their Paleo meals are also Auto Immune Protocol (AIP) compatible. If you think that makes their food any less tasty, think again. All of the dishes I tried were delicious, in particular, the desserts and treats.

Before we get into the actual Paleo On The Go review, let me give you a quick overview of what the Paleo AIP diet is and why you might care about it.

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What is the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol?

The primary goal of the AIP diet is to reduce inflammation and to help your body heal its immune system and gut mucosa.

You could argue that the dietary aspect of AIP is a version of the Paleo diet but with additional restrictions that remove otherwise healthy foods that have the potential to irritate your stomach. Examples include nuts, eggs, or certain vegetables, such as nightshades (peppers, tomatoes, etc.).

What is the Paleolithic diet?

In case you are not familiar with the Paleo approach, I highly recommend you check out my Paleo Beginners Guide. In a nutshell, Paleo certified meals are free of vegetable oils, conventionally grown produce, boxed chicken or beef stock, refined sugars, grains and legumes, dairy, artificial colors and preservatives and more. Additionally, the official certification guarantees that the meals don’t contain any products in the “gray” area, such as potatoes or oats.

Why Should You Care About AIP?

Inflammation and inflammatory pathways are among the primary causes of chronic diseases. Additionally, your