Healthy Living Newsletter #7

Last Updated: Feb 17, 2021

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🐝 Our bees have arrived, they’re thriving, and our kids feel super comfortable around them. They used to be scared of pretty much all insects, especially the flying ones. Now, they don’t mind if a bee is buzzing around their heads. We even got them little beekeeper suits so that they can assist with hive inspections.

🥩 We also picked up seven large boxes full of meat from the grass-fed cow we purchased a couple of months ago. This time, we decided to go all-in, so the butcher gave us all the usable organs (heart, liver, kidneys), the oxtail, and enough bones to make bone broth for the rest of the year.

🧪A new state-of-the-art study has been released that proves without a doubt that the consumption of saturated fats doesn’t increase your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

It’s kind of crazy that it took 60 years since Ancel Keys released his seven countries study, falsely suggesting that eating saturated fats would cause heart disease. I certainly hope that it won’t take another 60 years for everybody to figure out that vegetable oils are bad and saturated fats are healthy.

🔬Also noteworthy is that the CDC issued a press release, recommending for schools to re-open for in-class learning because kids are at low risk of contracting COVID-19 or transmitting the virus to adults (e.g., caretakers or parents).

What’s New

In addition to all of the above, I’ve also been busy producing new content for my blog and YouTube channel. Check it out!

📹 New YouTube Videos

✍🏻 New Blog Posts

What Else I’ve Been Up To

I’m currently reviewing and testing the following products:

  • A continuous blood glucose monitor with a brand-new app that makes sense of all the collected data.
  • A neuroscience device that can supposedly improve my heart rate variability, mood, energy and sleep.
  • Victory Grips — the best CrossFit grips on the market, from what I’ve seen so far.
  • A new keto-friendly meal replacement powder.
  • Electrolyte supplements.
  • Dietary supplements you didn’t even know existed.

I’m also working on a video that talks about whether or not kids should be on keto.

Stay tuned for updates on all of these topics over the next few weeks!

Wrap Up

That’s it for July! Stay healthy, eat well, sleep well, exercise and thanks so much for your continued loyalty!

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