Healthy Living Newsletter #3

Last Updated: Feb 17, 2021

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The past few weeks and days have been absolutely crazy, thanks to the new Coronavirus (COVID-19). I certainly hope you’re healthy and you’ve been able to manage the situation.

Maybe some of you even got to disconnect from the hustle that dominated most of our lives before the pandemic started. I can certainly tell that everything in the Kummer household has slowed down and changed.

The kids are at home all day and my wife and I have had to find alternative ways to work out (as you can see on my Instagram profile).

But other than that, it’s business and blogging as usual. Nevertheless, I wanted to share some things with you that we’ve been doing over the past few days to better manage the situation.

In This Month’s Issue:

Stuff I’ve Been Up To Lately

  • To avoid going to the grocery store more often than necessary, we’ve stocked up on grass-fed meat from Butcher Box* — a convenient meat/fish/poultry delivery service. If cooking isn’t your thing, you could also try a meal delivery service such as Factor.
  • We’re predominantly working out from home these days and I’m glad I have CAR.O.L — my AI-powered exercise bike that requires only 8 minutes of my time each day. Check out this video to see how it works.
  • When we do go to the grocery store, we buy pastured meats and fresh, organic veggies. Those are the items we always buy and the ones that are still available in stores because most people buy rice, noodles and other shelf-stable junk food.
  • To break out of the routine a bit, I started baking/making keto-friendly fat bombs and bread rolls with the kids. My wife usually takes care of food preparation but I find it to be an awesome distraction from being stuck at home all day. If you’re interested in recipes, shoot me an email.

New Blog Posts

We just moved into a new house and so I didn’t have as much time for blogging as I usually have. That’s why I only published two new articles this month. But they’re good ones, so check them out!

Perfect Keto Bar Review

Perfect Keto bars are low in net carbs and packed with clean ingredients. That’s why I love having one or two as dessert. Unlike other protein bars, these bars have an addictive taste and crumbly texture that I can’t get enough of.

Unfortunately, they’re not cheap. But if you use my discount code, paired with a multipack, you can get them at a great price.

Is Pizza Healthy or Unhealthy?

To find out whether pizza is healthy or unhealthy, we have to understand the ingredients that make up this delicious food.

In this article, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about pizza and how to enjoy it guilt-free, even if you follow a paleo or ketogenic diet like I do.

What I’m Working On Right Now

I’m currently working on a couple of new blog posts and YouTube videos, including the following:

  • How I Use The WHOOP Journal to Hack My Performance And Sleep
  • SuperGreen TONIK Review (One of my favorite green powders)
  • Guest post: Is Mayonnaise Keto?
  • Video: Review of the WHOOP Fitness and Sleep Tracker
  • Video: Perfect Keto vs. Bulletproof Snack Bars
  • Video: Michael lifting and failing an 80lb bag of concrete during a CrossFit workout

Additionally, I’m currently reviewing the ExoGun, a percussion massage therapy device I use almost every day.

Soon, I’ll also start writing about what code changes I made on my blog to automatically mark affiliate links with an *. That’s all so that I can be as transparent as possible with my readers (you).

Thanks For The Coffee (Good-bye Ad Banners)

A huge thanks to all of you who have decided to support me and my blog by buying me coffee! Those of you who signed up for a coffee subscription can now enjoy my blog ad-free!

If you’d like to join this elite group of supporters, sign up here.

Health & Diet News

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, older adults and those with preexisting medical conditions such as metabolic diseases (COPD, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer…), are at greater risk of getting seriously sick or even die.

Besides following the current recommendation, such as social distancing, one of the best ways to reduce your risk in the future is to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes high-quality sleep, a diet low in carbs and high in healthy fats (i.e., a ketogenic diet), intermittent fasting and regular exercise.

The good news is, you’ll find plenty of information about all of these recommendations right here on this blog.

So I invite you to read some of my articles and then verify what I’ve written by also reading the linked scientific studies. I know that’s time-consuming. But I’m guessing you don’t have much else going on right now. :)

Common pesticide linked to higher risk of death from heart disease

Exposure to pyrethroids, a common class of insecticides used to kill lice, mosquitoes, and other pests, may raise a person’s risk of cardiovascular disease and early death, a new study suggests.

Even though the study didn’t prove a causation, only a correlation, we try to limit the use of chemicals around our house and opt for natural remedies that have been proven to work.

For example, we’ve had great success with this torch fuel* to fight against mosquitos in our backyard.

Alzheimer’s Affects 5.8 Million People 65 And Older

Based on an article in the Washington Post, Alzheimer’s affects 5.8 million people 65 and older. In 2050, that number may be close to 14 million.

The good news is that Alzheimer’s, a diseases that’s caused by a malfunctioning sugar metabolism in the brain is largely preventable by not eating sugar and carbs that the body converts into sugar.

What’s important to understand is that Alzheimer’s is the result of the carbs you consumed 30+ years before the onset of the disease.

In other words, if you follow a ketogenic diet, your chances or developing Alzheimer’s are massively reduced, even if you’re genetically predisposed.

Technology News

All Major Tech Companies Cancel Their Annual Events

Google and Facebook have cancelled their annual developer conferences due to the Coronavirus. Apple is still planning on delivering their conference online but some people think that might not happen either.

I wonder how the current pandemic will affect product releases both on the hard- and software side. Maybe companies, like Apple, will delay some releases and, instead, focus on longer test cycles. iOS and macOS could certainly use more testing!

Apple Releases New iPad Pros, MacBook Airs and Magic Keyboard

A few days ago, Apple launched new iPad Pro and MacBook Air models. But the biggest announcement, at least for me, was cursor and trackpad support in iPadOS 13.4.

I’ve been traveling with only my iPad Pro for the past year or so and the biggest issue I’ve faced was the lack of proper cursor support in iPadOS.

With iOS 13.4, Apple added full cursor and trackpad support to its operating system. That means, you can now use any of Apple’s trackpads in iPadOS, including the one that’s built into the upcoming keyboard case (called Magic Keyboard). In case that you wonder, third-party BT mice and trackpads work too!

Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on the new Magic Keyboard!

Wrap Up

That’s it for March! Stay healthy and at home folks and thanks so much for your continued loyalty!

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