How to get to know yourself by cutting out noise

How to get to know yourself better by cutting out noise

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In this guest blog, the artist Jeremy Gilbertson offers practical suggestions of how to get to know yourself better. By cutting out noise, Jeremy demonstrates how to find time for oneself and others.

Everybody has an inner voice. The challenge lies in our ability to discern its light tones amidst an orchestra of competing noise that cascades from external sources and within our own minds. We are conductors of our own creativity, but without encouraging the soft melody of the fourth chair viola, while reigning in the thunderous rumble of the low brass section, our ideas, theories and potential may never find their way out. This is a story about space, time and finding your voice.

Guest blog by Jeremy Gilbertson
Jeremy is a multidisciplinary thinker and creator. His company, Tunewelders creates unique music and audio experiences for film, television, advertising, and gaming. He is the producer and host of the podcast, Music Is, where he interviews creators about their process and their definition of music. You can learn more about Jeremy Gilbertson on his web page, Twitter, and Instagram profiles. If you are interested in music, also check out his Music Is podcast on iTunes.

How to find your voice