How to balance your life, career, and a side hustle

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Although being an entrepreneur and having a side hustle is “in-style” nowadays, they are rarely as glamorous as portrayed on social media and television. If you searched #entrepreneur or #sidehustle on Instagram, you would see nothing but beaches, piles of money, and expensive cars. Unfortunately, this is not reality for 99.8% of entrepreneurs and people with a side hustle.

Guest blog by Ryan Helms
Ryan is a full-time supply chain manager and part-time entrepreneur. His goal is to help 1,000 people who are already working jobs to develop the skills to build a side hustle that opens them up to another income stream and more freedom in life. Check out Ryan’s Kickstarter campaignThe Side Hustle Journal: Turning 9 to 5’ers to Entrepreneurs.”

What it means to be an entrepreneur

Guest blog: How to balance your life, career, and a side hustle

Often, being an entrepreneur means you spend an exorbitant amount of time locked in a room all alone, sitting behind a computer screen. This can be amplified for those of us with side hustles. We spend our day grinding away at our day job then head home and transition into side hustle mode, which like those full-time entrepreneurs, means we have tucked away in the corner of the house, researching, conceptualizing, implementing, and executing our ideas. It can be a lonely journey, and other facets of your life can suffer if you are not conscious and deliberate in nurturing these areas of life.

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