9 Things Fit People Do to Stay in Shape: Replicate Them Today!

Last Updated: Mar 16, 2019

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We all know that one person who seems so seamless and effortless staying in their to-die-for shape. You’ve probably ordered food together in a restaurant, and he was craving for vegetables, while you can’t stop thinking about burgers and fries.

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The good news is that these people not created in the lab, and they are not designed to be drop-dead gorgeous. Rather, they are discipline and 100% committed with the kind of lifestyle they have chosen. They are NOT forcing themselves to dive into the “healthy lifestyle,” but instead they enjoy it. These are just some of the reasons why it’s super simple for them to stay in shape.

How can you love a diet without fries and burgers?

Difference between “I can’t eat that!” and “I don’t eat that!”

Trust me; this is all about mindset and discipline. Don’t use the phrase, “I can’t eat that!” when someone offers you something unhealthy; this makes you sound vulnerable. Make sure your friends and family are getting your point of the mission. Use a stronger phrase, so you’ll never have to be offered with unhealthy food choices next time.

“I don’t eat that!” will be your next favorite statement every single time you offered with oily and processed foods. Don’t think about missing out delicious treats. Instead, think of missing diabetes, high bad cholesterol levels, and heart attacks just by saying this powerful statement.

You might probably ask yourself, what steps can you take to become exactly like them and here’s the truth: There’s no magic when it comes to committing yourself to fitness, it all starts with your mindset. You don’t have to blame your ancestors or your parents for giving you bad genes and a bad body built, it’s what you do daily for your health that matters.

I have intentionally made this article to share tips about how you can take a significant turn around with your daily lifestyle. These are things fit people do to stay in shape; I suggest you take their habits rather than leaving it on the table.

1. For fit people, they have no diet

For fit people, they have no diet
For fit people, they have no diet

Fit people know how to listen to their body, they have mastered it. They focus on choosing healthy food choices to keep them full. They have learned the three main macronutrients which are: Carbohydrates, fat, and protein. They make sure that they get these nutrients from unprocessed food.

They don’t diet; they effortlessly make “clean & healthy eating” as part of their lifestyle. Once, you start thinking about the benefits of eating healthy. I want you to get a piece of paper and list various delicious fruits and vegetables that you can incorporate in your diet. Eating healthy is not boring at all, you need to take note of the healthy dishes that you can opt for.

Focus on foods that can give your body the fuel it needs throughout the day. Healthy foods that will make you full and have the energy to perform some kick-ass training. It’s pretty easy; if your body does not have the energy to do the exercise, you won’t just have it!

2. Fit people find forms of exercise they enjoy

Fit people find forms of exercise they enjoy
Fit people find forms of exercise they enjoy

You don’t like hitting your supposed-to-be treadmill workout, why do fit people do? Fit people you see on treadmills love this form of exercise. Fit people are always looking forward to their next workout, if you dread working out so much, then how would you dedicate yourself to fitness?

Start realizing that you are not meant to be a couch potato, the human body is designed to work not to stay stagnant. Look for ways you can move your body and get your heart rate up as your form of exercise. It doesn’t need to do in the gym; you can enroll yourself in Zumba classes if you love to dance. If you enjoy playing sports, then do sports. It’s simple as that, move your body for the cause that you enjoy.

3. Fit people always work on their mindset, daily

Fit people always work on their mindset, daily
Fit people always work on their mindset, daily

Having a positive mental attitude is extremely important in your daily life. I know many fit people and they instead love their body than sitting on the couch. When you feed your body with real and wholesome foods, you are showing love to your body.

Rather than pleasing your taste buds, think of your bodily organs that do need those oily and processed foods. When it’s raining hard, and you still see your fit friends lacing up their sneakers- ready to head out to the gym and kill their workout set. This does not mean that they do not wish to sleep a while longer. However, rather, this means that they can’t imagine themselves sitting or lying on the bed when they have the choice to celebrate what their bodies can do.

4. Fit people prioritize themselves first

Fit people prioritize themselves first
Fit people prioritize themselves first

Does this mean that fit people are selfish? It’s not what you think it is. Fit people have the mindset that they can help and be able to provide more when they take good care of themselves. Moreover, this, in fact, is true. You have to improve yourself so that you can give something back.

This is just of the reasons why fit people do not prioritize family, work, and social engagements over their workout routine. Anyone can be busy, but for fit people, they do whatever it takes to dedicate at least 30 minutes for their exercise. Even if this means waking up an hour or two before they usually do.

5. Fit people eat 100% perfect all the time

I understand that most people need to take a cheat meal to keep their sanity. However, if you want to become part of the 1% of people in the world, then you need to establish a 100% perfect diet. NO sugar, bread, flour, pizza, pasta, fries, and other processed foods. There’s a simple rule 1% people remember when it comes to their food, and it is:

“If it comes directly from a plant or an animal, it’s edible.”

It’s a very short reminder yet, compelling. It will help you remember what you can, and you can’t eat. Of course, you do not have to perfect right off the bat. Every master was once a student. It will take a few or many experiments before you can 100% perfect your diet. At first, strive for 80% perfection. Until you can completely get rid of the processed foods, you used to love.

If you cannot ditch it, look for healthier alternatives. At first, there will be times when you are about to go crazy to binge; your body might crave for some crunchy popcorns. Don’t easily give in yet; this could mean that your body needs more salt, you can buy seafood to dial down your cravings.

Consistently work your way to the 100 percent. Allow yourself to experiment with foods and come up with a healthy recipe that you can eat for days.

6. Fit people educate themselves

Even if you follow hundreds of fitness trainers or gurus, it’s still important that you learn fitness yourself. You can follow fitness blogs or read books about health and nutrition. It will help you learn that what you might experience right now is just a phase and you’ll be able to perfect your diet in no time.

You can post your learnings and realizations on your social media and brainstorm with fellow friends who are also trying to get fit.

7. Fit people get much sleep

Fit people get much sleep
Fit people get much sleep

One of the best anti-aging tips is to get much sleep. Possibly 10-12 hours every night. This puts your body in repair, which allows you to have youthful and younger skin. It also helps in restoring your energy, which helps you have the energy to train your body. Having a lack of sleep can negatively affect your brain that could potentially hinder your daily routine.

Shredded people always make sure that they simplify their schedules. This allows them to have more time to sleep. When you have enough sleep, you will have the boost of energy that will help you perform and train well. Fit people have this belief that exercise is not all the basics when it comes to having a healthy and fit body, it’s also about- getting much sleep.

Having a long and sound sleep helps in repairing muscles and boost your metabolism, which makes you have more energy for athletic performance and training.

8. Fit people hang around with other fit people

Fit people hang around with other fit people
Fit people hang around with other fit people

You are what you eat, and you are also whom you eat with. If you hang around with fit and shredded people, you will become one also. Fit people choose whom they eat with wisely; they don’t want to be around with people who dislike eating healthy or who have problems with any healthy food served.

If you want to be fit, do not hang out with friends who go too fast foods restaurants every lunch or for dinners. It will be a dead giveaway if you want to stay fit. There’s no way eating donuts and cakes and sit for long hours going to give you the dream body you want. So, make sure that you hang out with the right people.

Choose to eat with people who are into healthy cooking. Not only you will know a new recipe every day, but you will also have a stronger bond with your friends. You can also have a cooking area while some of your friends are preparing a game or sport. This will keep you active and it lets you have more fun.

9. Fit people stay active even outside the gym

Fit people do not only make sure that they do their workout set in the gym, but they also commit themselves to move more even outside the gym area. There are so many ways you can stay active even when outside your workout sets are; you can work on walking around your lot. You can also take the stairs instead of taking the escalators. Make sure you do not sit down longer than 30 minutes, move more. Take a vacation and do active activities like biking, hiking, skiing, and swimming.
Moreover, most of all, believe in yourself. You can do it. Now get started.

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