6 ways to protect yourself against cybercrime

6 Ways To Protect Yourself Against Cybercrime

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If anyone of you has seen the popular sci-fi anthology series “Black Mirror” on Netflix, there is an episode in the third season of the show named “Shut up and Dance” which is set in the present day. It explores the devastating effects of how invasive malware can be used against a person who is not so particular about securing itself online.

Guest post from Obaid Chawla
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The basic premise of that episode revolved around cybercrimes, and despite being immensely prevalent all around us, we seldom pay heed to the high level of threats they pose to us. And this has never been truer than in an era we are living in right now. From the seemingly simple camera on your laptop to even your “Private” chats, anything can be quickly turned against you or be used to harm you so much that it will be immensely challenging to recover from it.

Cybercrimes are very different from crimes in the real world because, on the internet, everything is meant to live forever. Even what you posted a gazillion years back can be found by just scrolling down enough on your social media profile.  Even after visiting a page some years again, your digital footprint from that page to your IP still lives on until this day, as vi