3 Exercises Women Should Do Instead of Back Squats!

Last Updated: Nov 20, 2018

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Instagram has made back squats the most famous exercise for women to do. But- should it be?

Back squats are great for women who have had proper coaching and years of experience with different forms of training. Women who believe that they can start their fitness journey by hitting the squat rack and shaping their backside risk injuring themselves or developing imbalances that will certainly affect them later in life.

Although squats are famous because they look cool and produce great videos online, there are many exercises women can choose instead to sculpt their body more efficiently. Developing an athletic and aesthetic physique such as model Anna Targoniy is a long-term process and choosing the right exercises, in the beginning, is one of the most crucial steps.

Check out these three exercises that every woman should turn-to before they ever try a back squat!

1) Bulgarian Split Squats

The Bulgarian split-squats (also known as the rear-foot elevated split squat) is one of the premier exercises for athletes and IG fitness models alike.

Unlike back squats, it is much easier to learn proper form for the Bulgarian split squat.

Many people consider this exercise as a progression to lunges, but it is an entirely different exercise. Bulgarian split squats place a greater emphasis on the glute muscles, and they also work the entire lower body more since it works a larger range of muscles.

Bulgarian split squats are an effective exercise even if you are using only your body weight, and you can easily challenge yourself by adding dumbbells, kettlebells, or a barbell to the exercise.

Developing your lower-body with Bulgarian split squats ensures that you will not have imbalances between your right and left legs, and also improves proper spinal alignment.

Overall, there is nearly no reason that back squats are better than Bulgarian split squats for women who are looking to improve their backside.

2) Trap-Bar Deadlifts

If you look at the mechanics of the human body during a trap-bar deadlift, they are nearly identical to what you would like to see during a back squat. However, proper trap bar deadlift form is much easier to learn.

The trap bar deadlift is one of the easiest movements to learn for the lower body, and it is clearly the easiest squat or deadlift variation.

One of the advantages of using the trap-bar deadlift in your workout routine is that you can perform it often, and you don’t need to be afraid of attacking heavyweights.

Women who are relatively new to training can easily begin trap-bar deadlifting often.

Trap bar deadlifts target the entire posterior chain, which means your body will look great for Instagram or wherever you want to show-off.

Trap-bar deadlifts are clearly far more efficient and useful for building an aesthetic body than back squats.

3) Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell swings are another easy-to-learn, bilateral exercise which sculpts the posterior chain.

Although the previous two exercises mentioned are certainly great for improving lean muscle mass and sculpting the body, kettlebell swings produce a greater metabolic demand and are more efficient for helping women who need to lose a couple of extra pounds.

Kettlebell swings are a true full-body exercise which most people can learn within a day.

Kettlebell swings utilize the moment of the kettlebell, and the movement itself keeps most people in perfect form.

Adding kettlebell swings to your workout routine is a great way to burn additional calories, develop your posterior chain, and build a body you will want to flaunt everywhere.

Best Exercises for Women to Do Instead of Back Squats

Although some people get millions of views doing back squats and building their body through this exercise, it is not for everyone.

Trained athletes or people who work extensively on their physical fitness can back squat safely, but not many other people can.

Bulgarian split squats, trap-bar deadlifts, and kettlebell swings are all much more effective and efficient exercises for most women!

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