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Besides maintaining a healthy diet and a consistent sleep schedule, being physically active and exercising regularly are essential to reducing stress and improving your overall well-being. On this blog, I share my favorite exercise routines, recommend supplements that have been scientifically proven to work, and review workout gadgets and accessories.

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Workout Supplements

Green Superfood Powders – Do You Really Need Them?
In this in-depth review of green superfood powders, I analyze the purported health benefits, cover common misconceptions and tell you what to look out for before you make a purchase.
Best Natural Protein Powder in 2019
To find the best natural protein powder, I have tested over a dozen products and protein sources including Whey, Casein, egg, beef and others.
Best Vegan and Plant-Based Protein Powder Review
To find the best vegan protein powder, I have tested and analyzed numerous natural protein supplements that contain only clean ingredients without any artificial flavors, sweeteners, fillers or proprietary blends.
Pre-Workout Ingredients Review
Analysis of pre-workout ingredients based on the latest scientific research. Find out what pre-workouts can help you boost performance and build muscle.
Best Natural Pre-Workout Supplements Review
Check out some of the best pre-workout supplements that can boost your performance and endurance during intensive workouts.
What to Drink Before, During and After a Workout
In the early days of professional sports, trainers and athletes didn't know many of the things that modern science has[...]

FItness Gadgets

CAR.O.L HIIT Bike Review [Fit In 40 Seconds]
CAR.O.L is a stationary bike for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that can improve your fitness and health using artificial intelligence. What makes CAR.O.L unique is that every workout is only 40 seconds long — short enough that you won't even sweat.
WHOOP Strap 3.0 Review & Comparison
Hands-on review of the WHOOP Strap 3.0 from the perspective of an amateur CrossFit athlete, and a comparison with the Apple Watch Series 4, Biostrap and Oura Ring.
Best Wireless Workout Headphones
Review of the best wireless workout headphones with a special focus on truly wireless (wire-free) models.
Barehand Workout Gloves Review & Comparison
I do CrossFit and continuously build up hand calluses from weightlifting. During high-rep bodyweight exercises, such as pull-ups and toes-to-bar,[...]
Running stroller review: BOB Ironman after two years and two kids
Inspired by my workout buddy, I decided to buy a running stroller, when our daughter turned six months. I have[...]
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