Eating out: Secreto Kitchen & Bar in Alpharetta

Last updated on Aug 26, 2017

For our date night, Kathy and I recently enjoyed dinner at a relatively new restaurant in Alpharetta called Secreto Kitchen & Bar. When it comes to food, we usually stick to what we know is good instead of trying new restaurants. But while browsing OpenTable the night before to pick a restaurant for our date, we decided to try something new, and we did not get disappointed. In fact, the outstanding experience we have made at Secreto, motivated me to make restaurant reviews a new category on my blog.


Secreto is located on Windward Parkway, between a Mexican restaurant, which has the same owner as Secreto, and a CrossFit studio. The first thing that Kathy said when we pulled into the parking lot was “Baby; I think we are overdressed.” But don’t let the location discourage you! As soon as you walk in the door, you are immersed in a pleasant ambiance of a tastefully designed and decorated restaurant.

About Secreto

Dining Style: Casual

Cuisines: American, Southern, Farm-to-table

Price Range: $30 and under


It translates to secret—the secret art of incredible food. We craft dishes based on recipes that have been handed down, recreated, and refined to amaze the palette. Our authentic meals have been shaped by Chef Boyd’s passion for food and flavor, emphasizing the best in every bite. Our combination of a warm, comfortable atmosphere and farm-to-table ingredients makes for an unforgettable meal. This isn’t just another restaurant; this is a sensory experience. This is Secreto.


The service at Secreto was outstanding, beginning with the host who immediately brought us to our table and ending with our waiter Preston, who told us a little bit about the restaurant. He was also spot on with drink recommendations: Southern Passion Cocktail for Kathy and a glass of Malbec for me.

Southern Passion Cocktail


For our appetizers, Kathy had the Arugula Beet Salad, and I had the Bourbon Braised Short Ribs. They were so tender, they fell off the fork, and I can highly recommend them. Kathy’s salad tasted excellent too, but she would have added some fruit, to make it even more refreshing.

For her entree, Kathy picked the Grilled Apple Brined Pork Chop, and I had the Charleston Style Crab Cakes. Both were just delicious! I don’t order crab cakes very often because they usually contain a lot of fillers, even in upscale restaurants. At Secreto however, you get mostly crab meat and little if any, fillers. Secreto’s full menu is available here.

Bourbon Braised Short Ribs


We very much enjoyed Secreto Kitchen & Bar of the rare combination of excellent service, delightful ambiance, Latin influence and tasty food. Chef Boyd certainly adds a Southern flavor to his dishes and not all of them are friendly to our Paleo-influenced lifestyle, but we had no issues finding compatible options that tasted delicious.

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